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Praise for Alex Souchen's War Junk

Posted on Friday, October 7th, 2022

Souchen War Junk cover

Our congratulations to Assistant Professor Alex Souchen (appointed in both the Bachelor of Arts & Science and History) who won an Honourable mention for the C.P. Stacey Award for best book in Canadian military history.  Professor Souchen’s book, titled, War Junk: Munitions Disposal and Postwar Reconstruction in Canada (UBC Press) is "recognized as innovative, compelling and a major contribution to the field. An exhaustive study of Canada’s disposal regime in the wake of the Second World War, Souchen demonstrates the complexity of unmaking war through reverse logistics, displaying an impressive grasp of institutional, industrial, economic, environmental, material culture and military history.” Fantastic news (and also a bit of a scary read!)

More info on the announcement here: