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Summer 2023 Research Jobs Posted! Here's How to Apply

Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Our S23 URA job postings are now live!
All applications must go through the Experience Guelph website.

Application Deadline: February 27, 2023

We are offering five URA positions this summer:

Linking Oral Histories at Guelph
Supervisor: Kim Martin
There are a number of oral history projects that take place through the College of Arts, yet they are currently disconnected and disparate. This project aims to assess the state, location, number, and topic of these oral history projects, to assess whether there is a possibility of connecting them using Linked Open Data.

The Manchuria, Literature and Culture Website
Supervisor: Norman Smith
This project entails entering data and expanding resources on a UG-supported, open access website, titled "Manchuria: Literature and Culture, 1900+."

History of Childhood and Youth
Supervisor: Linda Mahood
Undergraduate research assistant will assist with historical document analysis, the production of manuscripts for a British multinational publisher, Routledge, and event planning of the international biannual conference of the Society for the History of Childhood and Youth to be held on UoG campus June 8-10, 2023.

The Digitalization and Analysis of Historical Records
Supervisor: Kris Inwood
This project explores ways in which social and economic analysis may use recently digitized historical records. The successful applicant will work in a small team within the Historical Data Research Unit to develop measures of health and well-being for past populations and critically analyse the long-term trajectories retrieved from historical documents. The work revolves around interpretation of a unique set of documents - historical census data, soldiers who enlisted in WWI and registers of prisoners. Much of the work this summer will revolve around the Kingston Penitentiary.

Breaking Up – Divorce in the 1970s
Supervisor: Catherine Carstairs
In the 1970s, the number of divorces in Canada skyrocketed, thanks in part to new legislation that made it easier to get divorced. At the same time, second-wave feminism allowed both men and women to rethink what they wanted out of their lives and relationships. This summer URA will focus on putting assembling research for a history of divorce in Canada with an emphasis on the legal changes that made divorce more accessible while also paying attention to the history of alimony and child support. The project will pay attention to class, race, sexuality, age, disability and the history of childhood.

Further details for each application can be found on the Experience Guelph Catalogue (which unfortunately does not allow links to specific postings). If you have any questions about the job posting or how to apply, please contact:
* TIP: to find a particular job posting in the Experience Guelph database, search for a unique term from the project title (eg. Oral Histories, Manchuria, Childhood, Digitalization, Divorce).