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Tri-University Graduate Program

 The Tri-University Graduate Program in History brings together the faculty members and resources of three of Ontario's leading universities to develop the skills of historians in both traditional and innovative ways. The Tri-University's Ph.D. program was begun in 1994 as a way of combining the two small, but well-established Ph.D. programs at Guelph and Waterloo, with the members of the History department at Wilfrid Laurier. This fresh, new program integrates the skill and knowledge of over fifty faculty members and offers students a wide range of research approaches and expertise. In 2001 the successful Tri-University concept was extended to include the Master's degree in History.
  Central to the innovative character of the Tri-University Graduate  Program is its emphasis on thematic fields, which expand the more  traditional fields defined by space or time. The Tri-University Graduate Program in History also provides M.A. and Ph.D. students with a wide range of courses and research opportunities. It features small seminars and a close student-professor relationship that distinguishes this program from others at larger universities. In this program students  benefit from the existence of three smaller departments with the resources of one of Canada's largest graduate programs in history.