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Congratulations to Ric Knowles!

On behalf of the School, congratulations to Ric Knowles who was made a University Professor Emeritus at convocation on October 21, 2017.  The honor is a richly deserved recognition of Ric's tremendous contributions to theatre as a scholar and practitioner.  Ric delivered the convocation address which spoke of the importance of recognizing, respecting and learning from difference.  It was an excellent addre

ImprovLab Funding

On behalf of the School, congratulations to Ajay Heble and his team who received a grant of $2.03 million to create ImprovLab to create a publicly accessible performance space for practices related to improvisation.  This grant is important for the research relating to Critical Studies in Improvisation, and show-cases the innovative research within the School.

Majdi Bou-Matar Visit - Oct 3

Founding Director of MT Space Theatre and Artistic Director of IMPACT 17 Theatre Festival will be visiting Pat Flood's Canadian Drama and Theatre class Tuesday, Oct 3 at 4pm in MacKinnon 306.


All are welcome!

Kyle Bromhall wins Young Scholar Prize

The William James Society has awarded its 2017 Young Scholar Prize to Kyle Bromhall for his essay, "Embodied Akrasia: James on Motivation and Weakness of Will.". Kyle is a recent graduate of the PhD program in Philosophy at the University of Guelph, where he currently teaches.

Benjamin Hoy, 2017 Cassidy-Reid Lecturer

Former Guelph grad to give the Cassidy-Reid Lecture September 28

On September 28 the University hosts Dr. Benjamin Hoy, a Guelph History BA grad and Stanford PhD who is now a faculty member at the University of Saskatchewan. He returns to Guelph to give the Cassidy-Reid Lecture. This lectureship was established in honour of retired History faculty Dr Keith Cassidy and Dr Richard Reid and is held every two years.

Dr. Hoy, a celebrated young scholar, is also the son of two retired English professors, Helen Hoy and Thomas King, and is one of the country's youngest and most promising scholars of aboriginal history.

Please join us:

Guelph Graduate wins Don Phillips Scholarship - Open Studio

University of Guelph graduate Heather Thomson was recently awarded the Don Phillips Scholarship from Open Studio in Toronto. "This is a national competition and it is the first time over the last 20 years+ that I can remember a Guelph student being awarded scholarship", commented Allen Ash.

More information about Heather can be found on the Open Studio website


Congratulations to David Lee, who has successfully defended his PhD dissertation, Outside the Empire: Improvised Music in Toronto, 1960-1985.