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Philosophy Service Assignments 2019-20

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Department chair
Patricia Sheridan

Philosophy Department Council
All regular faculty
Graduate Students Rep (Gennady McCracken)
Undergraduate Students Rep (1 TBA)

Departmental service assignments 2020-21

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Conference of Undergraduate Philosophy

Conference of Undergraduate Philosophy

March 13, 2020



4160 philosophy field course college of arts, university of Guelph

The Philosophy Field Course offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in dialogue with environmental stakeholders in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia.

Philosophy Graduate Student Association

2019/2020 Event Listing

Sept. 6, 2019 - Games at The Round Table Board Game Cafe
Nov. 12, 2019 - Billiards at Tony's on Macdonell Street
Dec. 6, 2019 - Dinner at Diana Downtown
Dec. 10, 2019 - Billiards at Tony's on Macdonell Street
Dec. 21, 2019 - Games at The Round Table Board Game Cafe
Jan. 14, 2020 - Billiards at Tony's on Macdonell Street
Feb. 11, 2020 - Billiards at Tony's on Macdonell Street

Graduate Courses 2020-2021

The following is a list of our graduate course offerings for the 20-21 academic year. 

Descriptions of our courses can be found in the Graduate Calendar.

Fall 2020

Phil 6120: Philosophy of Mind
Instructor: Andrew Bailey

Phil 6340: Modern Philosophy
Instructor: Patricia Sheridan

Phil 6730: Contemporary Philosophy of Science
Instructor: Andrew Wayne

Water Justice Workshop

Fluid Thinking: Water Justice in a Changing Climate, april 3rd, 2020 10c downtown guelph


Philosophy Speaker Series 2018-19

2017-2018   2018-19 2019-20

October 12: Yolandi Coester, UNISA, Johannesburg
MacKinnon 315, 4:00-5:30

2019-20 Department meeting schedule and agendas


Meetings will be held in MacKinnon 132 (unless otherwise specified below).
Please note the new time:  Friday mornings, 10:00-12:00

September 20

October 18 (Room TBD)

November 15

January 17 

March 6 

April 24 

May 22

Accessibility Guidelines for CSWIP

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Local Organizers: Samantha Brennan <>, Trish Sheridan  <>

CSWIP Accessibility Committee: Anna Mudde (Committee Chair), Emily Bingeman, Jane Dryden, Jane Epp, and Amy Keating.