PGSA | College of Arts


Spring Symposium 2021 | College of Arts | University of Guelph

Saturday, April 17th | 1:00pm – 5:00pm

The Philosophy Graduate Student Association is excited to host a virtual conference featuring four grad student presentations on a variety of topics. Join us for an afternoon of new ideas and philosophical contributions as we support our peers and celebrate their hard work!

Presentations run for 30 minutes with 20 minutes for questions. A 10-minute break occurs between sessions.

1:00pm – 1:10pm

Presenter: Kyle Novak

1:10pm – 2:00pm
Rescuing Qualia

Presenter: Molly Graham
Chair: Richard Valliere

2:10pm – 3:00pm
Universality through Instantiation and Immanency:
The Problem of Identity

Presenter: Meisam Mirzaee
Chair: Kyle Novak

3:10pm – 4:00pm
When does suffering contribute to human flourishing?

Presenter: Gennady McCracken
Chair: Jacob Fehr

4:10pm – 5:00pm
We Still Do Not Know What a Body Can Do:
The Replacement of Ontology with Ethology in Deleuze’s Spinoza

Presenter: Kyle Novak
Chair: Gennady McCracken



This virtual conference is available for anyone to attend via Microsoft Teams: