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Areas of Research

Our department has a wide range of research interests and we also work in areas that intersect with disciplines outside philosophy. Many of our department members actively collaborate with faculty in other academic disciplines in teaching, researching, and graduate supervision. To name just a few: 

  • Don Dedrick is cross-appointed in Psychology and teaches in that department
  • Monique Deveaux supervises and teaches grad courses cross-listed in International Development Studies
  • Maya Goldenberg is cross-appointed with the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program, and also conducts research with colleagues in Psychology
  • Karen Houle is an Adjunct Professor in Fine Arts (Studio) and in Guelph's Creative Writing program 
  • Stefan Linquist co-teaches with a Professor in Integrative Biology and teaches a Philosophy of Biology for the students in that program
  • Andrew Wayne has sat on a supervisory committee for a graduate student in physics

We also have options for our graduate students to explore interdisciplinary avenues of research. Graduate students may to take courses outside of philosophy and a number of our students have availed themselves of this opportunity. We also offer a collaborative program at the MA and PhD levels with International Development Studies (please see below for information about this program).

Feminist Philosophy

Our department boasts a research strength in feminist philosophy. We have seven faculty members who work on feminist issues in medicine, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy, and history:

Samantha Brennan-Feminist Ethics, Political Philosophy
Monique Deveaux-Gender and multiculturalism, Women and Democracy, Political Philosophy
Karyn Freedman- Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy, Trauma and Gender Inequality
Maya Goldenberg-Feminist issues in Philosophy of Medicine and Philosophy of Science
Karen Houle-Feminist Political Philosophy, Feminist Continental Philosophy
Patricia Sheridan-Early Modern Women Philosophers, Early Modern Women and Agency
Karen Wendling-Feminist Ethics, Theories of Gender Equality

History of Philosophy

Peter Eardley-Medieval Philosophy, Ethics
John Russon-Phenomenology, Ancient Philosophy
Patricia Sheridan-Early Modern Philosophy, Early Modern Women Philosophers, History of Ethics

Ethics, Social, and Political Philosophy

Samantha Brennan (starting January 2018)-Ethics, Feminist Ethics, Political Philosophy 
Monique Deveaux-Political Philosophy, Ethics
John Hacker-Wright- Metaphysics of Value, Political Philosophy
Karen Houle-Political Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
Omid Payrow-Shabani-Social & Political Philosophy, Critical Theory
Karen Wendling-Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics

Philosophy of Science and Medicine

Maya Goldenberg-Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Science
Stefan Linquist-Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology
Andrew Wayne-Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Mind and Language; Epistemology

Andrew Bailey-Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics & Epistemology
Don Dedrick-Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology
Karyn Freedman-Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy
Mark McCullagh-Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind

Collaborative International Development Studies (IDS Specialization)

The Philosophy MA or PhD can be combined with an IDS collaborative specialization. This offers an interdisciplinary framework for the study of international development that combines training in a selected academic discipline with exposure to a broad range of social science perspectives. In addition to Philosophy program course requirements, students take: 

  • For the MA: "IDS Seminar" (IDEV 6100) and one course from each core area: Sociology/Anthropology, Geography, Economics and Political Science
  • For the PhD: "Theories and Debates in Development" (IDEV 6800) and "Developmental Research and Practice" (IDEV 6850)

Please visit the IDS website for more information.