Welcome to Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy! | College of Arts

Welcome to Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy!

Philosophy has never been more important.

At a time when people are challenged to discern the real from the fake, the true from the false, where bias and prejudice make their way into popular discourse, philosophy provides you with the essential capacities for critical thinking, clear verbal and written communication, and problem-solving.

Philosophy teaches you to bring a critical viewpoint to what you read and hear, to consider things from various perspectives, to scrutinize your beliefs and your assumptions, and to formulate clear arguments.  

These skills are indispensable no matter where you go after your BA. Whether you go to graduate school, law school, teacher's college*, or pursue business, arts, or journalism, the skills you learn in philosophy---will contribute to your success. These are skills that are valued and valuable for every professional path you choose to take. Recent studies show that employers want people with the skills philosophy gives you.

Our alumni are thriving in all walks of life:  media, management, sales, public service, finance, the arts, non-profits, law, marketing, consulting, and teaching, to name just a few.  

Our undergraduate community is thriving. There is the Society of Undergraduate Philosophers, which hosts social and intellectual events. In addition, undergraduates are always welcome at conferences and talks by visiting speakers.

Please take some time to look around on our site. If you have any questions, please contact our faculty undergraduate counsellors. For 2022-23, our advisors are: Maya Goldenberg and Stefan Linquist.

Want to visit? Here's how to find the Department of Philosophy at Guelph

*Philosophy is now a teachable! For more information, see the Ontario Philosophy Teachers' Association.