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Diversity and Social Climate

Welcome to our Diversity and Social Climate page!


The Philosophy department at the University of Guelph is strongly committed to the idea that intellectual inquiry is best achieved in an environment of collegiality, respectfulness, and a genuine openness to multiple perspectives and life experiences.

We aim to maintain a general social climate of respect and support for all regardless of gender identity, nationality, race, religion, socioeconomic background, gender identity, or sexual orientation: in our classrooms, in our offices, and in all the department's professional and social activities. 

To this end, in 2016 the department created a Diversity and Climate Commitee (DCC), which aims to cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment for all of its members. The DCC will do so by providing resource materials for students and faculty, organizing workshops, running regular surveys of our graduate students for feedback on department social climate, and providing support for student and faculty concerns. The committe reports to the department to bring attention to issues of concern as well as to propose appropriate policy decisions. The DCC is dedicated to addressing a broad range of issues connected to diversity and climate.

Please see Department Best Practices document.