Philosophy Department Speaker Series


September 29: Jacqueline Broad, Monash University
MacKinnon 305, 3:30-500
Title: "Undoing Bayle's Scepticism: Mary Astell's Critique of the Pensees Diverses (1682)"

October 13: Katharina Nieswandt, Concordia University
MacKinnon 305, 3:30-5:00
Title: "Do I Apprehend My Life Form in Acting Well?"

November 10: Omid Payrow Shabani, University of Guelph
MacKinnon 305, 3:30-5:00
Title: "The Ineliminability of the Idea of Progress"

November 17: G. Anthony Bruno, Royal Holloway University of London
Title: "Determinacy, Indeterminacy, and Contingency in German Idealism"

February 2: James Beebe, University of Buffalo
Prof. Beebe works on experimental philosophy. 

February 16: Kate Norlock, Trent University
Prof. Norlock works on moral psychology and feminist philosophy. 

March 9: Patricia Sheridan, University of Guelph
Prof. Sheridan works on early modern philosophy with a specialization on women philosophers of the period. 

April 6: Peter Eardley, University of Guelph 
Prof. Eardley works on medieval philosophy with a focus on moral psychology.