Philosophy Department Speaker Series


September 29: Jacqueline Broad, Monash University
MacKinnon 305, 3:30-500
Title: "Undoing Bayle's Scepticism: Mary Astell's Critique of the Pensees Diverses (1682)"

October 13: Katharina Nieswandt, Concordia University
MacKinnon 305, 3:30-5:00
Title: "Do I Apprehend My Life Form in Acting Well?"

November 10: Omid Payrow Shabani, University of Guelph
Title: "Ineliminability of the Idea of Progress"
Abstract: In recent years the chants of “the end of progress” have grown more vexatious. Generally, critics charge that the historical idea of progress and development have worked to rationalize and legitimize colonialism and imperialism. They further charge that universalism of the liberal theories was in fact Eurocentrism in disguise, justifying the domination and exploitation of non-European as a civilizing mission. They, then, boisterously declare “the end of progress,” has come. It is the aim of this paper to counter this negative view of progress by arguing that despite its role in the history of colonialism, the idea of progress is worth preserving because (1) in certain historical accomplishments progress has taken place; (2) and furthermore, it is argued progress should be understood as acquisition of non-violent consciousness.

November 17: G. Anthony Bruno, Royal Holloway University of London
Dr. Bruno is a specialist in German Idealism. 

February 2: James Beebe, University of Buffalo
Prof. Beebe works on experimental philosophy. 

February 16: Kate Norlock, Trent University
Prof. Norlock works on moral psychology and feminist philosophy. 

March 9: Patricia Sheridan, University of Guelph
Prof. Sheridan works on early modern philosophy with a specialization on women philosophers of the period. 

April 6: Peter Eardley, University of Guelph 
Prof. Eardley works on medieval philosophy with a focus on moral psychology.