Faculty | College of Arts


Full Time

  • Andrew Bailey, Professor and Associate Dean, Research, College of Arts— Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics & Epistemology
  • Samantha Brennan, Professor and Dean of College of Arts-Contemporary Normative Ethics, Feminist Ethics, Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics
  • Don Dedrick, Associate Professor (cross-appointed with Psychology) and Graduate Coordinator — Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology
  • Monique Deveaux, Professor, CRC in Ethics & Global Social Change — Political Philosophy, Ethics
  • Kenneth Dorter, Professor (retired but actively teaching) — Ancient Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy 
  • Peter Eardley, Associate Professor  — Medieval Philosophy, Ethics
  • Karyn Freedman, Associate Professor — Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy
  • Maya Goldenberg, Associate Professor (cross-appointed with Bachelor of Arts and Sciences) — Philosophy of Medicine, Feminist Philosophy of Science
  • John Hacker-Wright, Associate Professor — Metaphysics of Value, Political Philosophy
  • Karen Houle, Professor  — Political Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
  • Stefan Linquist, Associate Professor — Philosophy of Biology, Environmental Philosophy
  • Mark McCullagh, Associate Professor — Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind
  • Omid A. Payrow Shabani, Professor — Social & Political Philosophy, Critical Theory
  • Joshua August (Gus) Skorburg, Assistant Professor — Applied Ethics, Moral Psychology
  • John Russon, Professor — Phenomenology, Ancient Philosophy
  • Patricia Sheridan, Associate Professor and Department Chair — Early Modern Philosophy, Early Modern Women Philosophers
  • Andrew Wayne, Associate Professor — Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
  • Karen Wendling, Associate Professor — Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics


  • Dalitso Ruwe - Postdoctoral Fellow — Africana Political Philosophy, Anti-Colonial Theory, Africana Legal History


  • Adam Langridge, Sessional Instructor — F21 PHIL*1000 Classic Thinkers
  • John Lundy, Sessional Instructor — F21 PHIL*1030 Sex, Love and Friendship
  • Kyle Novak, Sessional Instructor — F21 PHIL*2180*02 Philosophy of Science, PHIL*2240 Knowledge & Belief
  • Jason Robinson, Sessional Instructor — F21 PHIL*1010 Intro Philosophy: Social & Political Issues
  • Yussif Yakubu, Sessional Instructor — F21 PHIL*2100*DE Critical Thinking, PHIL*2280 Key Concepts in Political Philosophy


  • Natalie Evans, Instructor, University of Guelph Humber — Animal Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy
  • T. Ryan Gregory, Associate Professor, Integrative Biology — Evolution, Genomics, Philosophy of Biology 
The University of Guelph resides on the land of the Between the Lakes Treaty No. 3, the territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit. This land is part of the Dish with One Spoon, a covenant between Indigenous nations to live peaceably on the territories of the Great Lakes region. We recognize that today this gathering place is home to many First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples and acknowledging them reminds us of our collective responsibility to the land where we learn, live and work.