Faculty | College of Arts


Full Time

  • Andrew Bailey, Professor and Associate Dean, Research, College of Arts— Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics & Epistemology
  • Samantha Brennan, Professor and Dean of College of Arts-Contemporary Normative Ethics, Feminist Ethics, Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics
  • Don Dedrick, Associate Professor (cross-appointed with Psychology) and Graduate Coordinator — Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology
  • Monique Deveaux, Professor, CRC in Ethics & Global Social Change — Political Philosophy, Ethics
  • Kenneth Dorter, Professor (retired but actively teaching) — Ancient Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy 
  • Peter Eardley, Associate Professor  — Medieval Philosophy, Ethics
  • Karyn Freedman, Associate Professor — Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy
  • Maya Goldenberg, Associate Professor (cross-appointed with Bachelor of Arts and Sciences) — Philosophy of Medicine, Feminist Philosophy of Science
  • John Hacker-Wright, Associate Professor — Metaphysics of Value, Political Philosophy
  • Karen Houle, Professor  — Political Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
  • Stefan Linquist, Associate Professor — Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology
  • Mark McCullagh, Associate Professor — Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind
  • Omid A. Payrow Shabani, Professor — Social & Political Philosophy, Critical Theory
  • Joshua August (Gus) Skorburg, Assistant Professor — Applied Ethics, Moral Psychology
  • John Russon, Professor — Phenomenology, Ancient Philosophy
  • Patricia Sheridan, Associate Professor and Department Chair — Early Modern Philosophy, Early Modern Women Philosophers
  • Andrew Wayne, Associate Professor — Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science
  • Karen Wendling, Associate Professor — Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics


  • Dalitso Ruwe - Postdoctoral Fellow — Africana Political Philosophy, Anti-Colonial Theory, Africana Legal History



  • Natalie Evans, Instructor, University of Guelph Humber — Animal Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy
  • T. Ryan Gregory, Associate Professor, Integrative Biology — Evolution, Genomics, Philosophy of Biology