PhD Students | College of Arts

PhD Students

Nour Abu Husan

Kyle Barbour

James Belford

Shannon Boss — Feminist Philosophy

Greg Corey

Orsolya Csaszar — Feminist Philosophy

Cameron Fioret — Social & Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics

Andrew Freundlich

Brady Fullerton — Aesthetics, Philosophy of Science

Molly Graham 

Joshua Grant-Young — Epistemology, Philosophy of Film, and Mental Health

Doug Halls — Phenomenology, Animal Ethics, Environmental Philosophy

Jeannette Hicks — Aesthetics, Continental Philosophy

Kyle Johnston — Phenomenology, Continental Philosophy

John Klasios

Marie-Pier Lemay — Social & Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Development Ethics

Rod MacNeill

April Marratto — Philosophy of Mind, History of Philosophy, Continental Philosophy

Gennady McCracken  Metaethics, Ethics and Political Philosophy

Robert Minatel  — Phenomenology, Agency

Meisam Mirzaee Ataabadi

Jahangir Moazzenzadeh

Kyle Novak — Continental philosophy, Deleuze, Political Subjectivity

Ilknur Ozalli — Phenomenology, Ethics

Cydd Siniikwe Pajunen — Philosophical methodology, Anishinaabe philosophy, Epistemology

Ashley Raspopovic 

Bryan Richard — Ethics, German Idealism

Amber Spence

Christina Storfa  — Social & Political Philosophy

Marie-Mirella Tranquille 

Gordon Trenbeth - Continental, Social & Political Philosophy

Richard "Will" Valliere - Continental, Social & Political Philosophy

Dylan White

Haomiao Yu - Analytic Epistemology, Virtue Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language

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