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Resources on climate and diversity


What Are ‘Climate’ Issues?
Underrepresentation of Women in Philosophy
​Underrepresentation of Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Minorities, Disabled Individuals, and LGBTQ
​Sexual Harrassment 
​Faculty-Student Relationships
Best Practices Documents
What Other Departments are Doing


What Are ‘Climate’ Issues?

Alcoff, Linda. "A Call for Climate Change for Women in Philosophy" 
Garry, Ann. "What is on Women Philosophers' Minds?"
Haslanger, Sally. "Changing the Culture of Philosophy: Not by Reason (alone)"
Lombrozo, Tania. "Name Five Women in Philosophy. Bet you Can't"
Sandler, Bernice. "The Chilly Climate: Subtle Ways in which women are often treated differently at work and in classrooms"
Susser, Daniel. 2014. “Philosophy’s Climate Problem: A Primer”. APA Newsletter Feminism and Philosophy
What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy blog site



Underrepresentation of Women in Philosophy

Antony, Louise. 2012. “Different Voices or Perfect Storm: Why Are There So Few Women in Philosophy?” Journal Social Phil 43 (3), 227-255.

Haslanger, Sally. 2016. “Presentation to the AAAS on discrimination of women and racialized minority philosophers, diversity problem.”

Paxton, Molly, Figdor, Carrie, and Tiberius, Valerie. 2012. “Quantifying the Gender Gap: An Empirical Study of the Underrepresentation of Women in Philosophy,” Hypatia, Vol 27. No. 4, 949-957.

Saul, Jennifer. 2013. “Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat, and Women in Philosophy.” In Women in Philosophy: What Needs to Change?, edited by Katrina Hutchinson and Fiona Jenkins, 71–102. New York: Oxford University Press.

Thompson, Morgan, Adleberg, Toni, Sims, Sam, and Nahmiaz, Eddy. 2016. “Why Do Women Leave Philosophy? Surveying Students At The Introductory Level.” Philosophers’ Imprint. Vol. 16. No.6, 1-36.

5 posts from the New York Times Opinionator blog on ‘Women in Philosophy’ in 2013:

Haslanger, Sally. “Women in Philosophy? Do the Math.”

Alcoff, Linda Martin. “What’s Wrong With Philosophy?”

Langton, Rae. “The Disappearing Women”

Antony, Louise. “Academia’s Fog of Male Anxiety”



Underrepresentation of Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Minorities, Disabled Individuals, and LGBTQ

Note, some of the obstacles that exist for women in philosophy are equally obstacles for other underrepresented groups, but some challenges are unique to particular groups.

Racial Underrepresentation in Philosophy:

Botts, Tina Fernandes, Bright, Liam Kofi, Cherry, Myisha, Mullarangeng, Guntur, and Spencer, Quayshawn. 2014. “What Is The State of Blacks in Philosophy?” Critical Philosophy of Race, Vol. 2. No. 224-242.

Cherry, Myisha, Eric Schwitzgebel,. 2016. Like the Oscars, #PhilosophySoWhite. LA Times, Mar 3 2016.

Gines, Kathryn T. 2011. “Being a Black Woman Philosopher: Reflections on Founding the Collegium of Black Women Philosophers.” Hypatia, 26, no. 2, 429-37.

McPherson, Lionel. 2012.  On Black Underrepresentation and Progress in the Profession.

American Philosophical Association's Resources on Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Disability Underrepresentation in Philosophy:

Silvers, Anita. 2000. “Philosophy & Disability: an overview”. Philosophy Now.

The Society for Philosophy and Disability:

Discrimination and Disadvantage Blog (where you can find, among other things, Shelley Tremain’s excellent series Dialogues on Disability):

LGBTQ Underrepresentation in Philosophy:

McKinnon, Rachel. 2012. “On the Job Market as a Transgender Candidate.” Chronicle of Higher Education,

American Philosophical Association Committee, LGBTQ People in the Profession:

The LGBTQ People in the Profession Newsletter (archives):



Sexual Harrassment 

Kingkade, Tyler. 2016. “Why it’s harder for grad students to report sexual harassment” Huffington Post.

University of Guelph policy on sexual harassment and other non-academic misconduct:

APA Report on Sexual Harassment:



Faculty-Student Relationships

Dixon, Nicholas. 1996. “The Morality of Intimate Faculty-Student Relationships.” The Monist, Vol. 79, 519-535.

Golash, Deirdre. 2008. “Power, Sex, and Friendship,” in Alan Soble and Nicholas Power, eds. The Philosophy of Sex: Contemporary Readings. Rowman and Littlefield. 449-458.

Grove, Jack. 2015. “Should You Be Friends With Your PhD Students?” Times Higher Education,

Kelly, Nina. 2016. “Should Academics Avoid Friendships With Students?” Times Higher Education,

Maintaining Professional Relationships (via Dalhousie University):

U of T Conflict of Interest Policy:

Faculty-Student Romantic Relationships:

Dakashana Bascaramurty. 2010.“On-campus sex ban: Hands off the student body, Prof” Globe and Mail Apr 8 2010.

Kingkade, Tyler. 2013. “UConn Bans Student-Faculty Sexual Relationships, Hookups And Sexting,” Huffington Post,

Mercier-Dalphone, Genevieve. 2016. The vicious circle of professor-student relationships: A follow-up investigation of McGill’s policies on sexual harassment.

Pryal, Katie Rose Guest. 2016. The Consequences of Resisting a Professor’s Advances.

Schuman, Rebecca. 2014. “Hands Off Your Grad Students! Yes, you’re consenting adults. But you’re harming your department, your discipline, and mentors everywhere.” Slate

The University of Guelph has no policy on consensual amorous relations. Relevant policy includes Conflicts of Interest:
See also Article 8 of the Faculty Collective Agreement:



Best Practices documents

APA Newsletter: Feminism & Philosophy vol 13, no 2 (Spring 2014). Theme: Diversity and Inclusiveness in Philosophy.
British Philosophical Association's/UK SWIP "Good Practices Policy" (for ensuring welcoming and equitable departments and professional settings)



What Other Departments are Doing About Climate & Diversity (a random sample):

University of Washington:
Western Ontario:
University of Southampton: