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Finding the Department of Philosophy

We are in MacKinnon Building which has two wings and a newer "extension." We are on floor 3 of the offices wing, and our departmental office (room 348) and Department Lounge (room 345) are at the hallway-end that is closest to McLaughlin Library.

  • If you're coming to us on foot, best to enter from the Library-facing side of the building. You can take a secret staircase, which is behind an unmarked door to the left of the glass doors. Or, if you want to take the elevator, go through the glass doors and proceed left, then right, then left to the well-hidden elevators. (See photos below.)
  • If you're driving in, take Trent Lane off of College Street, then near the end of the lane turn left to park in the metered parking lot (indicated on map). From there walk to the front entrance of the "extension" (red arrow) and take the elevator (to your right after you go in) to floor 3, then follow the hallway into the classroom wing. (To do this, turn right after leaving the elevator, go to the end of the hallway and through the fire doors, then turn left and take that hallway to the end.)

If you do find yourself in the classroom wing and want to get to us, know this: the only floors offering access from one wing to another are the basement and floor 1.

MacKinnon Building was designed by the firm of Josep Luís Sert, remembered also for the Peabody Residence at Harvard University.

Map of location of philosophy department

The secret staircase, behind this door:

photo of secret staircase

The front hallway of (the offices wing of) MacKinnon Building. Go behind that of the front hallway of MacKinnon Building


...turn right, take a few steps then turn left, to get to the elevators:

photo of the hallway with the elevators