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Associate Professor
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519-824-4120 x53203
Room 329 MacKinnon Bldg.


B.A. (1982), M.A. (1984) Carleton University
Ph.D. (1993) University of Toronto

Research and Teaching

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Colour perception and categorization, cognitive science and its foundations, culture and cognition.

Much of my research has been focused on the study of colour categorization (colour concepts & colour language). I am interested in the cognitive abilities that underlie colour naming, and in the ways in which those abilities interact with culturally contingent variables. I have published a book and a number of articles on these topics. I have general interests in the foundations of cognitive science and in the relevance of evolution to culture in a broad sense. I often teach critical thinking (PHIL 2100) and the philosophy of art (PHIL 3050). In the Psychology Dept., I teach courses on Minds, Brains and Machines (PSYC 3280) and Evolutionary Psychology (PSYC 3100).

Teaching in Fall 2019: PSYC 3100 Evolutionary Psychology; Philosophy Graduate Seminar
Teaching in Winter 2020: PHIL 2100 Critical Thinking; Philosophy Graduate Seminar

Graduate Supervision: I'd like to talk to MA and PhD students that are interested in cognitive science and its foundations, culture and cognition, evolutionary psychology, and the philosophy of art. I am always interested in the intersection of philosophy and other disciplines and practices such as psychology, biology, cognitive science, and art. Recently, I've taught senior/graduate courses on free-will and neuroscience, experimental philosophy, evolutionary aesthetics, and the psychological origin of concepts.




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