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Philosophy of Mind, Language, and Epistemology

The Philosophy of mind, language, and epistemology address questions about the nature of human cognition, language, and knowledge. The philosopy of mind explores the relationship between minds and bodies, artificial intelligence, and the nature of human consciousness and human perception. The philosophy of language explores the meaning of linguistic terms, semantics, and the ways in which language structures our world. Epistemology explores knowledge itself. Epistemology looks at issues of justification, truth, and belief, and the social implications of those standards.

Our faculty at Guelph are engaged in research on artificial intellgence, perception, consciousness, justification, epistemic injustice, and the semantics and pragmatics of utterances.


Andrew Bailey-Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics & Epistemology

Don Dedrick (cross-listed with Psychology)-Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology

Karyn Freedman-Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy

Mark McCullagh-Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind