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Where do I go to find/contact faculty members of SETS?

Faculty members of SETS have offices on either the 4th Floor of MacKinnon or in Massey Hall. In order to find out where a specific faculty member’s office is, simply visit the “Staff and Faculty” section of the SETS website. Here you will find detailed profiles of all faculty members of the School of English and Theatre Studies, including complete contact information (Office, Phone Extension, Email).


How do I know which English courses count towards the different areas of study?

English major students are required to take a certain number of courses in specific areas to count towards their degree. For example, students majoring in English must obtain 1.00 credits in 18th and 19th Century Literature, 20th and 21st Century Literature, and Medieval and Early Modern Literature. These various areas of study as well as the courses that fulfill the requirements can be found in the “Resources” section of the website, which can be navigated to from the home page or from the link above.


As a prospective Graduate student, where can I find information about which professors are willing to supervise in my area of studies?

There are two ways to find this information. The more difficult way would be to look through the faculty profiles in the “Staff and Faculty” section of the website where faculty members have prepared brief statements about preferred areas of research. This being said, a more simple and efficient way of finding this information would be to simply type your area of research into the search bar on the home page. All faculty members have provided keywords that, when searched, will lead you to their faculty profile.


What career paths are available for me as a student of SETS? And how do I get started in the right direction?

            There are endless possibilities and career options for a graduate of SETS. The first thing you are going to want to consider is whether or not you wish to continue on to graduate studies. Getting your Master’s degree will open a number of additional windows for career choices including continuing your studies to the post-graduate level. If you are unsure of the level of education you need for the career of your choice there are resources on the internet that provide you with all the information you need. There are also links on the SETS home page to jobs/ career opportunities you can obtain through the University as well.


Why should I come to the University of Guelph School of English and Theatre Studies? What does it offer that other post-secondary schools don’t?

            First and foremost, the atmosphere at the University of Guelph is hard to find elsewhere. You get all the perks of the big city but with a small town sense of community. The city is highly populated with students and therefore is somewhat aimed at pleasing that demographic with plenty of options for social events.

            Apart from Guelph being a great city to spend your undergraduate/graduate years in, the University of Guelph also offers a highly respected educational experience. With faculty from various areas of study who have all produced remarkable work, students are sure to take away a great deal more from lectures than basic content.


Who would I talk to about questions I have with my program?

            There are different people for different questions. The BA Counseling Office is probably the best place to turn for questions regarding credit value, course exchanges, etc. There are also staff members on the 4th floor of MacKinnon and in Massey Hall who are more than willing to help address your questions, whether it be in regards to English, Theatre Studies, or even Graduate work. 

There are also some online resources that are beneficial as well. The SETS website has detailed and updated information for students on programs, courses, faculty, etc. Another means of finding detailed course information is the Undergrad Calendar.


I want to apply for graduate studies. How do I go about doing this?

            All the information you need as student looking to apply for grad school is found in the graduate section of the website which can be found on the drop-menu bar at the top of the page or from the home page.