Degree Info: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Music | College of Arts

Degree Info: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Music

Music Major

consists of an Honours programme with an intensive focus on music, while still allowing room in the academic schedule for the study of another area. The Major in Music provides an excellent preparation for graduate studies in music, and leads to careers such as Music Education (private studio and/or classroom teaching), Music Research, Arts Administration, and Performance. 

Music Minor

consists of an Honours programme but has fewer requirements than the Major in Music. It allows students to explore courses other than those of their Major and provides the flexibility to combine their passion for music with another degree programme.

Double Major Inclusive of Music

is becoming increasingly popular. By combining degrees in Music and Bio-Medical Science, for  example, our graduates have opened new doors in terms of career choices. 

Music as an area of Concentration

provides a means for students in the General (three-year) degree programme to take advantage of the music core and several other upper-year courses.

BAS Degree Bachelor of Arts & Science 

meets the needs of students who thrive on making connections between the arts and the sciences. For many UG students, music forms a natural nexus where the strengths of various 

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