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Music Ensembles

All ensembles can be taken for interest or credit.
Each ensemble presents at least one concert or other performance opportunity each semester.

MUSC*2530 Instrumental Ensembles I (.25 credit)
MUSC*2540 Instrumental Ensembles II (.25 credit)
MUSC*2550 Choral Ensembles I (.25 credit)
MUSC*2560 Choral Ensembles II (.25 credit)
MUSC*3210 Instrumental Ensembles III (.25 credit)
MUSC*3220 Instrumental Ensembles IV (.25 credit)
MUSC*3230 Choral Ensembles III (.25 credit)
MUSC*3240 Choral Ensembles IV (.25 credit)



Students must supply their own instruments

Chamber Ensembles

CONTACT: Howard Spring (

Contemporary Music Ensemble

Weekly coaching sessions at dates/times arranged between the director and ensembles.
Contact the director to arrange an audition
CONTACT: Howard Spring (


Concert Winds  (NOT OFFERED IN 2020-2021)

Jazz Ensemble  (NOT OFFERED IN 2020-2021)



Please contact Marta McCarthy ( to book an audition or to get more information.

Symphonic Choir:

Chamber Singers:

Treble voices:

CONTACT: Marta McCarthy: