Contemporary Francophone Theatre (FREN*4020) | College of Arts

Contemporary Francophone Theatre (FREN*4020)

Code and section: FREN*4020*01

Term: Winter 2017

Instructor: S. Nutting


In this course we will read and discuss French and Québécois plays by twentieth-century dramatists. Our approach to the texts will center on the social, political, and cultural contexts of the plays as well as representations of class, gender, and the role of language. We will also examine the role of theatre as it reflects and reframes changes in contemporary society. We will look at theatre as text, dramaturgy, spectacle and role-playing. Over the course of the semester, you will:

* develop a critical discourse regarding theatre and performance through 1- the writing of a performance review and 2- exercises and discussions relating to the transformation of a play script into film.
* learn to recognize and describe links between different theatre aesthetics and the ways dialogue is constructed.
* refine your ability to understand and analyse how dramatic texts engage with the history of ideas in Québec and France.
* engage creatively with theatre text by creating your own sketches (“pastiches”) in groups.
* strengthen both oral and written competencies in French


Lectures and discussion, as well as one group project (pastiche). This course also includes a field trip
to the Théâtre français de Toronto.


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