European Identities W18 (EURO*6010) | College of Arts

European Identities W18 (EURO*6010)

Code and section: EURO*6010*01

Term: Winter 2018

Instructor: S. Parmegiani


Course objectives:

This core course in European Studies examines modern and contemporary ideas of the ‘nation’ and of ‘Europe’ and their relationships to identity, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Through an exploration of literature, history, philosophy, art, and music, the course looks at the formation of European identities and examines their endurance, their often tenuous and contradictory existence, and their instability in the face of past and recent historical events. In the course, interdisciplinary concepts such as self/other, centre/periphery, and inclusion/exclusion are explored to understand how ideas about individuality, the nation and Europe induce identity creation, contest and change. As Roberto Dainotto reminds us, “it is what has been said and written for around three centuries about and around Europe that still determines what we think and do about it; what our dailies report; and what our policy makers decide.”

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