European Studies MA

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This innovative interdisciplinary programme combines humanities and social science perspectives to the study of Europe, both past and present. It aims to provide students with a flexible, interdisciplinary approach to European Studies that allows for specialization within a core discipline and promotes expertise in European, culture, history, contemporary politics and society, and languages. The faculty for this interdisciplinary programme is drawn from several Schools and Departments, spanning two Colleges, the College of Arts and College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Faculty members have research interests in such diverse areas as European identities (gender, minorities, national), youth cultures, literature, music and art in comparative perspective, Western philosophy, EU governance and policies, European citizenship and migration policies. Students who graduate from this programme will be equipped to pursue further study at the PhD level in an interdisciplinary or a single-discipline programme, or embark on careers in national and international organizations that focus on Europe, and in companies that do business with Europe.

Programme of Study

The programme includes a major research paper which may either concentrate on a single discipline or be interdisciplinary in its focus. In addition, students may choose to spend a semester at university in Europe for research and cultural immersion. The course requirements include two core courses. Research Methods is designed to introduce students to advanced research in European studies. European Identities is intended to familiarize students with historical and contemporary ideas of the ‘nation’ and of ‘Europe’, and relationships of these ideas to identity, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students may select electives from other European Studies courses (e.g. Europe and the Discourse of Civilization; European Integration and the EU) or courses that focus on Europe from other programmes.

All European Studies M.A. students will take 6 semester courses (3.0 credits), including:

a) Core courses

Team-taught courses on European Identities (EURO*6010) and Research Methods (EURO*6000)

b) Electives

2.0 credits will be chosen from a list of restricted electives,  in European Studies and other programs such as Art History and Visual Culture, English, French, History, Political Science and Philosophy

Restricted Electives:

  •    EURO*6020: Myth, Fairy Tales and Modern European Identities   
  •    EURO*6070: Topics in Comparative European Culture I
  •     EURO*6072: Topics in Comparative European Culture II
  •    EURO*6030: Women and the Arts in Europe: Seeking Expression
  •     EURO*6080 Directed Reading Course
  •      HIST*6000 Historiography I
  •     HIST*6190 Topics in Scottish History I
  •     PHIL*6140 Contemporary European Philosophy I
  •     PHIL*6150 Contemporary European Philosophy II
  •     AVC*6300 Special Topics in Art History and Visual Culture
  •     PHIL*6600: Social and Political Philosophy
  •     ECON*6370: Economic Development in Historical Perspective

Research paper

Students will also write a Research Paper, under the direction of a faculty member.

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Study Abroad

It is recommended that students study or conduct research abroad. Typically, this may be done during a regular term.