Graduate Student Profiles and Comments

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Profiles and Testimonials

Current Students
    Name:  Erin Budra

Previous degree:  European Studies, University of Guelph     

Research project: Commemorating Women in the French Resistance (provisional title)


  Name:  Rhian Collings 

Previous degree: Licence de Lettres Modernes, Université Aix-Marseille

Research project: European Identity in Twentieth Century Narratives of Travel


  Name:   Emma Cooper

Previous degree: French & English, University of Warwick

Research project: Painting For Their Lives: Art, Homosociality and Women’s Independence in
                                Anne Bronte’s
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and George Sand’s Elle et lui 


   Name:   Marco Inguscio

Previous degree: Literature and Humanities, Università del Salento (Italy)

Research project: Poetry and Writings in the Contemporary Art Performance and
                                 Avant Garde Theatre (provisional title)


  Name:  Hamish McPherson 

Previous degree:  Political Science, Trent University

Research project: Soccer As An Effective Tool For Social Policy & Community Integration:
                                 Cause for Optimism?


  Name:  Helga Paschetto 

Previous degree: MA Literature and Humanities. University of Udine (Italy). MA Italian as
                                Second Language and Multiculturalism. University of Udine (Italy).

Research project: The gaze of women in migrant literature. A comparison of Helen Barolini’s
                                  Umbertina, Tina De Rosa’s Paper Fish and Melania Mazzuco’s Vita.


  Name: Don Patrick

Previous degree: Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology, Wilfrid Laurier University

Research project: The Imperial Gardens of Mesopotamia: Landscapes of Power


  Name:  Emma Robertson 

Previous degree: English & French, University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

Research project: Scottish and French Crime Fiction (provisional)


  Name:  Alejandro Santaflorentina 

Previous degree: Fine Arts, University of Barcelona (Spain)

Research project: The Gaze in the Classroom: Discourse, Subjectivity and Practices of Looking
                                  in Higher Education


Graduates (2015)

  Name:  Ivana Ancic

Previous degree: English & Anthropology, University of Zagreb

Research project:  Jonathan Littell’s Les Bienveillantes and the Intertextual Maze of
                                  the Orestes Myth

Now:  in a Ph.D. program in Comparative Literature at Pennsylvania State University (USA)


  Name:  Lucia Delaini

Previous degree: University of Padua

Research project: Resistance and Truth Telling: Antigone in Twentieth-Century Literature

Now: in a Ph.D. program in Communications Studies at Northwestern University (USA)


  Name: Belén Tortosa-Pujante

Previous degree: Theatre, University of Murcia (Spain)

Research Project: "Towards an experience of limits. Performativity and intermediality in
                                  Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio’s Theatre: Romeo Castellucci’s “
                                  Tragedia Endogonidia”.

Now: in a Ph.D. program in Theatre and Performance Studies at Santiago de Compostela
           University (Spain)


  Name:  Elisa Walker

Previous degree: German & Italian, University of St. Andrews

Research project:  Fortress Europe’s criminalisation of the migrant: an incurable symptom of
                                  Italy’s postcolonial condition?

Now: Internship at the EU, European Economic and Social Committee, deferred acceptance to
          a Ph.D. program in Italian at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) 


What our graduates say

Working in a job where I deal with foreign nationals utilizes the knowledge I acquired through my research in European Studies.

Erin Franklin, Alumna 2011, Ministry of Public Safety


What impressed me about the program at Guelph was the use of team-teaching and the variety that this allowed, which greatly broadened my academic interests. I had mostly worked on literature as an undergraduate, but the courses I took on myth, women’s studies and migration looked at music, art history, philosophy and many more subjects. While I have previously studied German and Italian, I very much liked how European Studies allowed me to compare with other literatures and cultures I knew less about, such as Spanish and Ancient Greek.

Elisa Walker, Alumna 2015, Intern at EU European Economic and Social Committee


This program changed the course of my life and career. You can expect not only a high level of education and standards, a great curriculum and professors who will engage and challenge you, but also a tremendous amount of support, whether intellectual, professional or emotional, which will help you get the utmost from your studies as well as finding a direction for your future. What was also invaluable was the opportunity to learn about and participate in the exciting research of the professors at the department as well as being provided support to go to a graduate student conference. Finally, on a personal level, what really ties me to this program is the feeling of community and acceptance generated by the professors and  graduate students, which makes the long winter (as well as the beautiful fall and spring!) fun and filled with possibility of friendship, travel and discovery.

Ivana Ancic, Alumna 2015, Ph.D. Candidate at Pennsylvania State University


Choosing Guelph as my Home University was the best possible move I could make. Despite the cold, the Groundhog bus service and Tim Horton's coffee, my year at the School of Languages and Literatures has gone far beyond any possible expectation: it has given me exciting new perspectives, confidence and opportunities unthinkable on the other side of the Ocean. In many cases, it has changed the way I look at things and allowed me to define my area of interest, all the while supporting me with the remarkable expertise of the School's excellent teachers. During both of my semesters, I could rely on their active involvement in my scholarly and personal research, together with the engaging, welcoming atmosphere they are committed to maintain at SoLaL. It has been an intense year of discovery, of constant challenge and inspiration, of unexpected warmth despite the Arctic temperatures. This Department proves that people really make a difference... and that the stereotype about Canadians being devastatingly nice is just pure truth. 

Lucia Delaini, Alumna 2015, Ph.D. Candidate at Northwestern University (USA)