Globalization & Insecurity in the Americas F17 (LACS*6030) | College of Arts

Globalization & Insecurity in the Americas F17 (LACS*6030)

Code and section: LACS*6030*01

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: tba


This seminar offers students an analytical, critical and interdisciplinary introductory overview of Latin America and the Caribbean from the nexus between structural forces, such as globalization, and micro phenomena such as individual security and insecurity. It explores the interplay among environmental, economic, social, political, and cultural factors at such nexus. The course opens with an introduction to the historical roots of underdevelopment in Latin America and the various theoretical and conceptual frameworks that contribute to understanding the region’s social, economic and political realities. In the second part of the course, we will look at globalization and its consequences, with a focus on four key dimensions of human security and insecurity: economic, environmental, cultural and political. The third and final section will examine how various actors, from students to sexual minorities to new political movements, are responding to these threats and how such resistance is reshaping the social and political landscape in the region.

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