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crossways logoCrossways in Cultural Narratives is a 2-year (four semesters) program, though direct entry into the second year is possible for particularly well-qualified students. Students who participate in the 2-year program will study at three different institutions and are required to follow the prescribed mobility path: Semester 1-University A; Semesters 2 and 3-University B, which will be the home institution; Semester 4: University C. In the interests of multilingualism, students may not spend two consecutive semesters in the same academic year at an English-speaking university (e.g. if they choose Guelph as their home institution they may not spend semesters 1 or 4 at either Sheffield or St. Andrews). Though students are free to choose the three institutions they will attend, it is highly recommended that they follow one of the predesigned pathways [LINK to Pathways on Crossways website]


The University of Guelph’s contribution to the Crossways Masters Program is based on our existing M.A. in European Studies. This includes 1) two core courses (a Research Methods course and an interdisciplinary seminar focussed on the theme of Identities); 2) restricted electives designed specifically for the program; 3) graduate courses from other departments, provided they be approved as relevant by the graduate coordinator. Crossways students will normally choose their courses from categories 1) and 2), though arrangements may be made to take courses from other units, should this seem appropriate to the Crossways local coordinator and to the offering department. Semesters 1 and 3 map onto the Guelph Fall semester, 2 and 4 onto the Winter semester.


Note: the Crossways consortium uses ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). At the Masters’ level, 10 ECTS is roughly equivalent to 0.50 Guelph credits. However, exact equivalences will be calculated on a course-by-course basis, to allow for differences in workload.


For a list of the available courses, click on Course offerings in the sidebar.


For details of programme requirements, consult the Crossways main website.