Sessional Instructors

Name Teaching Summary Department/unit E-mail
Erin Rock

PSYC*2330*DE Principles of Learning
Amanda Rotella

PSYC*1010 Making Sense of Data in Psychological Research
Thomas Sasso

PSYC*4330 Advanced Topics in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Jessica Sorenson

PSYC*7080 Consulting in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Adam Sparks

PSYC*2310 Social Psychology
Andrew Taylor

PSYC6840 Program Evaluation Winter 2021
Sarah Thackray

PSYC*3030 Neurochemical Basis of Behaviour
Beverly Walpole

PSYC*3450 Social and Personality Development

PSYC*7994 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practicum