MA/PhD-Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (MA/PhD.PSYC)

The area of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology concentrates on understanding the development and treatment of psychological disorders experienced by children, youth and families.

This includes a focus on the social, emotional, cognitive, and neurobiological features of normal and atypical development; risk and protective factors that influence the nature and progression of atypical development and response to treatment; and approaches to assessment, psychodiagnosis, and intervention. Also considered is the developmental impact of stressful life events such as divorce, illness, poverty, adoption, and death.

Training in this field follows an integrated series of courses and practica which contributes to and mutually supports the students' acquisition of competence as both practitioners and researchers. Students participate in our on-campus clinic, the Centre for Psychological Training, and complete off campus practica in hospitals, schools and mental health settings under the supervision of registered psychologists. This training allows students to enter careers involving clinical and/or research positions in mental health centres, hospitals, schools, and the private sector, as well as careers involving teaching and research in university settings. It also prepares students for registration as psychologists with provincial licensing boards.