Master of Science in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science (MSc. PSYC)

The MSc and PhD programs in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science provide training for students interested in the integrative functioning of the brain.

This program encompasses:  basic cognitive processes, behavioural neuroscience, cognitive ergonomics, cognitive neuroscience, developmental and life-span cognition, and foundations of cognitive science.  Students in these disciplines have the opportunity to learn about the interdisciplinary work of other students, faculty and outside researchers in the weekly seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science research seminar. 

Additionally, students take courses specific to their research.  A unique feature of this area of study is the practicum that provides students with additional specific training in a research laboratory, hospital, government agency, or non-government agency.  As well, if desired, NACS students may also combine their Psychology degree with entry into one of two Collaborative specialization at the University of Guelph: the Collaborative Neuroscience specialization or the Collaborative Toxicology specialization .

The program involves three components:

  1. Coursework

  2. Practicum

  3. Thesis

    • Proposal must be approved by end of semester 3
    • Thesis must be defended by end of semester 6