Coursework for NACS MSc.

Preparatory Course Work

Students will acquire knowledge and skills necessary to carry out Neuroscience and Cognitive Science research in academic and/or applied settings. At the Masters level, this will involve a course in Research Design and Statistics, a course in Research Ethics (Animal research ethics or Human research ethics), at least one elective in their specific field of research and the Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science. 



For the MSc. program the following are required: (For descriptions of the courses please see the Graduate Program Calendar)

Students are also given the option of choosing a graduate elective from outside this list with the permission of their advisor.


Sequence of Courses

MSc Program

Required Courses for all students: 

  • Discrete-variable Research Design and statistics (PSYC*6940) or Research Design and Statistics (PSYC*6060)
  • Ethical Issues in Psychology (PSYC*6880) or Animal Care Short Course (UNIV 6600)
  • Practicum I (PSYC*6471)
  • Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science A (PSYC*6740) Year 1
  • Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science B (PSYC*6760) Year 2
  • Thesis 

Note about research design and statistics course options (PSYC*6940 or PSYC*6060)

Students should confirm with their advisor which statistics course to register for. PSYC*6940 will focus more on discrete-variable approaches (e.g., ANOVA), whereas PSYC*6060 will focus more on continuous-variable approaches (e.g., regression). 

Notes about Research Seminar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science A/B (PSYC*6740/60):

The Research Semninar in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science is required for all students every Fall and Winter of the MSc and PhD programs. This forum provides students with the opportunity to rpesent their research findings nad learn about the research of other scientists in these fields. Students have the opportunity to get to know each other and meet faculty and students from other departments. The ability to learn from and communicate with researchers in other fields is a valuable skill that will enable students to thrive in the diverse and rapidly changing areas of Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science.

Year 1 MSc students must register in PSYC*6740 in Fall and Winter. MSc students beyond year 1 must register in PSYC*6760 in Fall and Winter until they graduate.

Please note that the seminar is a two-semester commitment, and you must register for the course twice each year: once in the Fall and once in the Winter. If you do not register for both terms, you will have incomplete coursework on your transcript, and will be unable to complete the MSc program until it is resolved.

Electives for students in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science.
One from following list:

  • PSYC*6750 [0.50] Applications of Cognitive Science
  • PSYC*6780 [0.50] Foundations of Cognitive Science
  • PSYC*6790 [0.50] Memory and Cognition
  • PSYC*6800 [0.50] Neurobiology of Learning
  • PSYC*6810 [0.50] Neuropsychology

Please note that MSc students currently enrolled in the department, who wish to continue to the PhD, must also apply by the application deadline associated with their field of study. The process is the same as for Masters' applications except for GREs and TOEFL (if applicable), which were submitted with their Masters' application.  If you previously submitted GRE or TOEFL scores with your Masters’ application, you do not need to submit them again.