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Industrial/Organizational Psychology
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My current research focuses mainly on personnel selection, with an emphasis on finding valid and fair methods of hiring the best employees. Most recently, I have investigated two factors that affect interview performance: interview anxiety, which  negatively affects interview performance, and impression managment (honest and deceptive), which tends to increase interview performance.  


PhD., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Western Ontario, 2007

MA, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Western Ontario, 2002

BA (honours), Psychology, Queen’s University (2000)

BPHE – physical and health education, Queen’s University, 1999

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

Ho, J. L., Powell, D. M., Spence, J. R., & Perossa, A. (2020). Willingness to fake: Examining the impact of competitive climate and hiring situations. International Journal of Selection and Assessment.

Powell, D. M., Bourdage, J. S., & Bonaccio, S. (2020). Shake and Fake: the Role of Interview Anxiety in Deceptive Impression Management. Journal of Business and Psychology.

Schneider, L., Powell, D. M., & Bonaccio, S. (2019). Does interview anxiety predict job performance and does it influence the predictive validity of interviews?. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 27(4), 328-336.

Amaral, A. A., Powell, D. M., & Ho, J. L. (2019). Why does impression management positively influence interview ratings? The mediating role of competence and warmth. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 27(4), 315-327.

Ho, J. L., Powell, D. M., Barclay, P., & Gill, H. (2019). The influence of competition on motivation to fake in employment interviews. Journal of Personnel Psychology.

Roulin, N. & Powell, D. M. (2018). Identifying applicant faking in job interviews: Examining the role of Criterion-Based Content Analysis and storytelling. Journal of Personnel Psychology. 

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Powell, D. M., & Bourdage, J. S. (2016). The detection of personality traits in employment interviews: Can “good judges” be trained? Personality and Individual Differences, 94, 194-199. 

Feiler, A. R., & Powell, D. M. (2016). The role of self-focused attention and negative self-thought in interview anxiety: A test of two interventions. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 24, 132-149. 

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Powell, D. M., & Goffin, R. D. (2009). Assessing Personality in the Employment Interview: The Impact of Training on Rater Accuracy. Human Performance, 22, 450‐465

Marcus, B., Wagner, U., Poole, A., Powell, D. M., & Carswell, J. (2009). The relationship of GMA to counterproductive work behavior revisited. European Journal of Personality, 23, 489507.  

Goffin, R. D., Jelley, R. B., Powell, D. M., & Johnston, N. (2009). Taking advantage of social comparisons in performance appraisal. Human Resource Management48, 251‐268. 

Graduate Courses Taught:

PSYC*6670 Research Methods

PSYC*7010 Recruitment and Selection

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

PSYC*3250 Psychological Measurement

PSYC*3070 Psychology of Human Resource Management

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