Harvey Marmurek

Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science
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My long-standing research interests fall in the general area of the experimental study of human cognition. The topics that I have studied include: mechanisms of attention; encoding and retrieval in memory; word recognition processes in skilled reading; risky decision-making among gamblers; and, social cognition. Current projects investigated with undergraduate honours and graduate students focus on repetition effects on memory, the benefits of retrieval on learning, and the interplay of visual and verbal processes in face recognition. I am currently funded for a study of cognitive and personality characteristics of sports gamblers.

Memory, Language, Gambling, Social Cognition


BA  University of Toronto, 1969

MA The Ohio State University, 1972

PhD The Ohio Stae University, 1975

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:

Bacso, S. A., & Marmurek, H. H. C. (2016). Testing effects of free recall on organization in whole/part and part/whole transfer. Acta Psychologica, 171, 99-109.

Kwantes, P. J., Derbentseva, N., Lam, Q., Vartanian, O., & Marmurek, H. H.C. (2016).  Assessing the Big Five Personality Traits with Laten Semantic Analysis.   Personality and Individual Differences, 102, 229-233.

Marmurek, H. H. C. (2016) Commetary: On the origin of replication effect size differences. The Case of RRR1 (Alogna et al., 2014)  A comment on Posted on the Open Science Framework.    https://osf.io/85tz4/

Finlay-Gough, K., Marmurek, H. H.C., Kanetkar, V., & Londerville, J. (2015).  The influence of casino architecture and structure on problem gambling behaviour: An examination using virtual reality methodology.  In F. Bezzina and V. Cassar (Eds.)   14th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies., Reading: UK: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Ltd., 187-194.

Marmurek, H. H., Switzer, J., & D'Alvise, J. (2015).  Impulsivity, Gambling Cognitions, and the Gambler's Fallacy in University Students.   Journal of Gambling Studies, 31 (1), 197-210, doi: 10.1007/s10899-9421-6.  

Marmurek, H. H.C., Switzer, J., & D'Alvise, J. (2013).  A comparison of university sttudent and community gamblers: Motivations, impulsivity, and gambling cognitions.   Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 3 (1), 54-64.  

Finlay, K., Marmurek, H., Kanetkar, V., & Londerville, J. (2010).  Casino décor effects on gambling emotions and intentions.   Environment and Behavior, 42, 524-545.  

Emond, M. & Marmurek, H. (2010).  Gambling related cognitions mediate the association between thinking style and problem gambling severity.   Journal of Gambling Studies, 26, 257-267.