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Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

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Kaitlyn McLachlan is an Assistant Professor in the CPA-accredited Clinical Psychology program at the University of Guelph. At the core of her work is the application of clinical and developmental psychological theory in understanding developmental risk factors that lead to adverse outcomes for vulnerable youth. Her current program of research centres around Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and neurodevelopmental disability across the lifespan, with a focus on the criminal justice system. Dr. McLachlan's research interests include understanding neurobiological and environmental risk markers associated with adverse outcomes in FASD, the importance of establishing valid and reliable screening and diagnostic approaches, and better understanding risk and protective factors associated with criminal justice system trajectories. The overall focus of her research and clinical work seeks to improve developmental and social outcomes for vulnerable youth. She applies an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to her research, with current projects using EEG and eye movement recording to identify novel neurobiomarkers for FASD in the criminal justice context. Her broader forensic interests include comprehension of rights at interrogation, fitness to stand trial, violence risk assessment, and professional practices among forensic clinicians.

Kaitlyn is a member in good standing of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, and is registered with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia (out of province status). She applies a CBT-informed approach to clinical assessment and intervention, attends to evidence-based models of practice, and has practiced dialectical behavior therapy in both forensic and clinical settings.

Dr. McLachlan is also an Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct) in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences, and an Associate Member of the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour Department, at McMaster University. She is a Member of the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research, and an Affiliate of the Research Institute, at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. She is also a Member of the Mental Health Law and Policy Institute at Simon Fraser University. 


Kaitlyn completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a forensic specialization at Simon Fraser University. She was subsequently awarded a training fellowship by NeuroDevNet and completed a two-year research postdoctoral fellowship with concurrent appointments in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta, and the Child and Family Research Institute, Developmental Neurosciences and Child Health, at the University of British Columbia. 

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Articles

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Selected Books

Constanzo, M., Krauss, D., Schuller, R., & McLachlan, K. (2014). Forensic and Legal Psychology: First Canadian Edition. Worth Publishers.

Roesch, R., & McLachlan, K. (Eds.) (2007). Psychology and law: Clinical forensic perspectives. Hampshire, UK: Ashgate.