Kristel Thomassin

Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Neuroscience & Applied Cognitive Science
MCKN EXT. 3016

Accepting Graduate Students: 

My research focuses on children's emotional development. In particular, I am interested in the ways in which the family system contributes to children's development of (mal)adaptive emotion skills and the role of these emotion skills in child psychopathology. I seek to translate this knowledge to the clinical care context as a means of gaining insight into how treatment approaches might be adapted to maximize therapeutic outcomes for youth.


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Harvard University

Ph.D. – Clinical Psychology – University of Georgia

Predoctoral Psychology Internship – Child & Adolescent Track – New York University-Bellevue Hospital Center


Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed Publications (asterisk indicates student author)

Weisz, J. R., Vaughn-Coaxum, R., Evans, S., Thomassin, K., Hersh, J., Lee, E., Ng, M. Y., Lau, N., Raftery-Helmer, J., Mair, P. (in press). Efficient Monitoring of Treatment Response during Youth Psychotherapy: The Behavior and Feelings Survey. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

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Book Chapters

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