Serge Desmarais

University Professor Emeritus
Applied Social Psychology
519-824-4120 x53376
MacKinnon Extension

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Please note that Dr. Desmarais will not be accepting honours thesis or graduate students in 2019-20.


My research examines the impact of gender norms on perceptions of justice, close relationship, sexuality and the use social media. My most recent research also focuses on matters related to teaching and learning in post-secondary education. 


Ph.D., Psychology (Social Psychology), University of Waterloo, 1993

Selected Publications

Desmarais, S., Fach, M., & Lackeyram, D. (2018). Integrating Pedagogy and Technology to Measure Program and Institutional Learning Outcomes at the University of Guelph. Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario  Publication. Government of Ontario.

Wood, J., Desmarais, S., Milhausen, R., & Burleigh, T. (2018). Why have sex and whether it matters: Using self-determination theory to investigate reasons for sex and relational outcomes in consensually non-monogamous and monogamous relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 35(4), 632-654.

Weijs, C., Majowitz, S., Coe, J., Desmarais, S., & Jones-Bitton, A. (2017). The Personal use of Facebook by Public Health Professionals in Canada: Implications for Public Health Practice. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 10(1), 8-15.Anastasopoulos, V., & Desmarais, S. (2015). By Name, by Deed, or by Manner?Identifying the Source of the Feminist Stigma. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 45(4), 226–242.

Kenny, N., Watson, G., & Desmarais, S. (2016). Building sustained action: supporting an institutional practice of SoTL at the University of Guelph. Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 146, 87-94.

Muise, A., Christofides, E., & Desmarais, S. (2014). “Creeping” or just information seeking? Gender and response to jealousy triggers on Facebook. Personal Relationships, 21(1), 35-50.

Gray, A., & Desmarais, S. (2014). Not all one and the same: Sexual Orientation, Identity Politics, and Collective Self‐Esteem. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 23, 116-122.

Weijs, C. A., Coe, J. B., Muise, A., Christofides, E., & Desmarais, S. (2014). Reputation management on Facebook: Awareness is key to protecting yourself, your practice and the veterinary profession. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association; 50(4), 227-236.

Christofides, E., Muise, A., & Desmarais, S. (2012). Risky Disclosures on Facebook: The Effect of Having a Bad Experience on Online Behavior. Journal of Adolescence, 27(6), 714-731.

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