Operational Principles

Basic Operational Principles:

  1. Each eligible department (faculty in receipt of NSERC awards) will receive an allocation of USRAs (NSERC) made by the Office of Research. ONLY ONE JOB SUBMISSION PER ALLOCATION WILL BE ALLOWED. Departments will submit the jobs using the online Form 1. Substitution of job submissions will be allowed, i.e. if a department removes one for lack of student interest, the position could be replaced with another on the approval of the chair within the deadlines.
  2. The selection of successful and appropriate candidates will be made by departments/units. An individual faculty member may have students in the USRA and URA programs. There is no limit on the number of students that a particular faculty member can supervise however, it is expected that there is sufficient time available for faculty to provide adequate levels of supervision and guidance of students.
  3. Office of Research is responsible for notifying Student Financial Services the allocations of awards for USRA program and confirms a nomination from department that a student should be funded for an USRA.
  4. Faculty must follow the same deadline dates for USRA awards as URA for summer positions because they run at the same time in the University of Guelph. Exceptions can be made when the USRA does not take place during the summer months with approval from the Office of Research.

Supervisor's Eligibility and responsibilities:

  1. Only faculty members who hold an NSERC grant during the year in which the student applies may have a student on an USRA
  2. Departments/Supervisor should forward the following information to Office of Research
  3. In September 2017 (after the awards are completed) departments will be required to submit a claim form to the Office of Research for USRAs (This form will be distributed, by the Office of Research, towards the end of the summer).

Application Process:

  1. Members of the University community are invited to make research proposals Form-1 Summer Research Project and submit them to the deans, directors and the chairs of the department. Approved Form-1 must be to the Student Financial Services. The deadline for submission of the approved project proposals is January 11, 2017 to Student Financial Services
  2. The proposals will be collated and posted on the Student Financial Services Job Listing page. They may also be posted in the departments/colleges beginning January 18, 2016.
  3. Eligible students will submit their applications through NSERC's online applicationprocess.
  4. Students apply for positions to the departments beginning January 18, 2017 using the Univeristy of Guelph's Form 2 as soon as possible, but no later than February 9, 2017

Value of an Award:

The minimum total value of the award is $6,636 for 16 weeks. The award must be supplemented by the supervisor /department. Employment MUST BE 16 weeks, 35 hours per week in order for NSERC to remit. NSERC contributes $4,500 towards the award. This is employment income and as such, departments must complete a data form and ensure the students is paid a minimum of $11.40/hour. Supervisors/departments will receive their $4,500 reimbursement from NSERC through a journal entry processed by the Office of Research at the end of the students paid employment.

Completion of forms

All applications, decision forms, requests for funding and reports must be submitted on the forms provided. Any applications, decision forms, requests for funding and reports not submitted on the appropriate form will not be processed.

Web version of forms

NSERC Form 202 Part I and Part II are available from NSERC under "For Students and Fellows" http://www.nserc.gc.ca/OnlineServices-ServicesEnLigne/Forms-Formulaires_eng.asp

Information on NSERC Research Codes

This information is required to complete NSERC Form 202 Part II http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Help-Aide/ScholarshipCodes-CodesPourBourses_Eng.asp

NSERC Personal Identification Number (PIN)

If the student does not have an NSERC PIN please leave this space blank on Form 202 Parts I & II and NSERC will allocate the student a personal identification number

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