Student Application

How to apply for a USRA

  • Confirm you are eligible to apply for a USRA in the Student Eligibility section.
  • Read the NSERC USRA guidelines.
  • Once the project proposals (jobs) are posted on the Student Financial Services website, complete the Form 2 Student’s Application to Department.
  • Visit the NSERC On-line Services page to register or log in.
    1. To register: If you are new to this on-line system, click ‘First-time user? Please Register’. Complete screen and create an account.
    2. To log in: Click on ‘On-line System Login’ button.
    3. Click on ‘Forms- Student’.
    4. Select Form 202 - Part 1, ‘Create’. Enter and save your data. Please Note: If you have never applied for an NSERC USRA before, you will not have a PIN number. You can leave the section blank on the form. If you are awarded a USRA, you will be assigned a PIN number at that time. Please contact the department offering the position if you have questions.
    5. Upload an unofficial summary of grades from WebAdvisor to the NSERC site and then ‘verify’ your USRA application. Students from other Canadian Universities must upload an up-to-date, complete official transcript including the legend.
    6. Forward a copy of the NSERC Form 202 part 1 along with a copy of your unofficial summary of grades and the University Student Profile Form 2 to the department/unit contact person listed on the position you are interested in.

On-line Services Helpdesk (For Technical Assistance & Inquiries)

Tel.: 613-995-4273

If you are offered a USRA

Follow these steps:

  1. Confirm you are eligible to hold a USRA award. See Student Eligibility.
  2. Upload an up-to-date, complete official transcript from the Department (“Colleague” system) or the Registrar’s Office. Note: It may take three to five days to obtain a transcript from the Registrar’s office. To be considered official, transcripts must meet the following criteria:
    • Show the name of the institution, the program in which you are enrolled in, your complete course of study, your marks and the legend explaining acronyms, etc.
    • If obtained from the Department (‘Colleague’ system): be signed and stamped. Contact your department’s Administrative Officer/Assistant for assistance.
    • If obtained from the Registrar’s Office: must include the legend. Note that the legend is located on the back side of each transcript; please do not scan the legend multiple times.
    • Show at least two terms of study immediately before holding the award in a bachelor's degree program at an eligible university;
    • Specifically, show completion of all the course requirements of at least the first year of university study of your bachelor's degree. Grade summaries that show only one term’s marks are not acceptable.
    • To be up‐to‐date, transcripts must show the term before the application was prepared. For example, if you applied to your university USRA competition in February, the transcript must show the previous September to December term’s marks.
    • Transcripts should be scanned (black and white recommended), and whenever possible, in portrait style, then uploaded and saved into a single Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
  3. ‘Verify’ your NSERC application on the online system and forward the reference number to your research supervisor. Please note: USRA applicants who have applied before will use the same reference number and access will be provided to past applications. NSERC will change the status of the past application to "in progress" for the 2018 competition.
  4. Once successfully verified, your part of the USRA application is now complete.
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