Fireside Chat with Lynne Skilton-Hayes

On a warm September morning at the beginning of another school year at University of Guelph, Lynne Skilton-Hayes rolls over in bed to turn her alarm clock off after an almost 8-hour sleep. She stretches her arms above her head preparing for the day ahead of her in the state-of-the-art Athletic Centre that her visions brought to life. Rather than breakfast, Lynne makes her way into the kitchen to start her day with a cup of coffee. After coffee, she blends up her smoothie for her ride to work and the fitness classes she plans to teach.

Learn to Cook Pasta Primavera

During Healthy Workplace Month, Chef Valerie hosted a cooking demonstration in the University Centre Courtyard, sharing her tips and tricks for cooking the perfect pasta primavera dish.  Participants were given a sample of her delicious recipe following the cooking demo. 

Interested in trying out this dish?  View the recipe attached below and watch the video recording from this event.

Bon appétit!


Cat napping

Get a Better Sleep

Does it take a long time to fall asleep? Or to fall back to sleep when you wake in the night? Not getting much energy from your sleep?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions suggests that you may have insomnia.

It’s normal to have a sleepless night now and then. However, if insomnia persists for more than 3 weeks and begins interfering with your life, it’s considered a chronic insomnia.

One third of North American adults are having difficulties with sleep and the most common problem is insomnia. 

U of G Walks a Campus Mile

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Campus Mile: Healthy Workplace Launch Event.  We had over 100 people join on a rainy afternoon for a fun warm-up with Gryph and a one-mile walk or run through our beautiful campus. Thank you also to the United Way and community mental health agencies that came out to provide resources and information to our campus community.

Eating to Support Mental Well-being

It’s long been acknowledged that the foods we eat influence our physical health. As we learn more about mental well-being, we’re learning that our food habits can also have a significant influence on our mental well-being. Many of us can relate to the physical symptoms that often accompany stress and anxiety – it’s common to experience an upset stomach or change in bowel habits. If our mental well-being can impact the function of our gut, it makes sense then that what we put into our gut can impact our mental well-being.

Saturday Farmers' Market

Looking for a fun weekend activity for the summer? Check out the Guelph Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings from 8:00am - 12:00pm to discover seasonal fruits, tasty breads, beautiful art pieces, sustainable fish and more!  

What you’ll discover is a place with a real community feeling where you can bring the whole family and get your weekly grocery shopping done at the same time! There’s something for everyone! 

August 2018 Happiness Calendar

The Greater Good Science Center has release their August 2018 Happiness Calendar. For each day of the month, check out this calendar for links to a variety of resources related to happiness. 

The 8 Domains of Wellness

The Crest is the research, teaching and health care magazine of the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. Read the Spring-Summer 2018 edition to learn more about new research happening at U of G exploring factors affecting the mental well-being of veterinarians.  Professors Andria Jones-Bitton and Colleen Best, and PhD candidate Jennifer Perret are conducting this research.

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