7. XSLT for Digital Editions | College of Arts

7. XSLT for Digital Editions

Instructor: Laura Mandell (Texas A&M)

Classroom: MacKinnon 304

In this class, we will begin with a review of TEI (digital surrogates of texts encoding using the XML tagset recommended by the Text Encoding Initiative), and then learn to transform various TEI-encoded documents (essays, novels, letters, and poems) using XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation). We will create a digital edition online, using GitHub, that contains the original TEI documents transformed into HTML, into web pages. We will also learn how to use XSLT to create plain text files, metadata, and database files for a digital edition. Finally, we will use XSLT to generate network graphs of relationships in a digital edition using Gephi. Participants in the class will be able by the end of the week to create a digital edition, put it online, and manipulate the texts in the edition for various uses (making the edition searchable and discovering networks of relationships). The course will be most effective for participants who have some familiarity with TEI and HTML.