The Medieval World (HIST*2200) | College of Arts

The Medieval World (HIST*2200)

Code and section: HIST*2200*01

Term: Winter 2016

Instructor: Susannah Ferreira


Course Synopsis:

This course is a survey of the Middle Ages in Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the onset of the European Overseas Expansion. Students should emerge from the course with an understanding of the factors that led to the political rise and decline of the Christian Church; the development of crusading ideologies; some of the defining social structures of Europe in this period and the factors that contributed to the so-called crisis of the late Middle Ages. Through small group discussion, students will learn how to read primary source documents in context and connect them to the wider historical developments.  Through research and writing, students will learn to formulate and communicate historical arguments.

Course Assessment:

Document Study i-Clicker Quizzes - 15%
Bibliography and Essay Outline - 10%
Midterm Examination -  20%
Research Essay - 25%
Final examination - 30%