Topics in Global History: Settler Colonialism (HIST*4120) | College of Arts

Topics in Global History: Settler Colonialism (HIST*4120)

Code and section: HIST*4120*01

Term: Winter 2020

Instructor: Peter Goddard


Course Description:

This course investigates the history of “settler colonialism”, processes whereby “neo-Europes” (“new Europes”) were established and by which indigenous societies were displaced.  We will examine cases from 1492 up to the present, and our range may include colonial activity of Spain, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and, certainly, England and the United Kingdom, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States of America and Canada.  Our goal is to understand the common elements of settler colonial processes across the early modern and modern worlds.  We wish also to identify significant differences in colonizing programs carried out by various European and other societies, and the ways in which indigenous populations resisted and interacted and continue to resist and interact with settler colonialism.  

Course materials:

Readings, including primary materials, are linked to the course website at, or will be found on Course Reserve at Library.  Select primary source excerpts will be available as hard copy in class.


Reading précis (3) - 23 January; 13 February; 5 March - 30%    
Thematic Research project: presentation + research essay - 50 %
Seminar Leadership (1) - 20%
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