World Religions (HIST*2070) | College of Arts

World Religions (HIST*2070)

Code and section: HIST*2070*DE01

Term: Summer 2023

Instructor: Ted Smith


Method of Delivery:

This course is a fully interactive online course and requires disciplined time management. To successfully complete this course, it is essential that you begin work as of the first week of the course and participate regularly throughout the semester. You will be required to access the course website frequently (at least three times per week). Your ability to participate online regularly is critical to your success in this course.

Course Synopsis:

A wide-ranging look at the diverse religions of the world including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The course focuses on each faith’s social context and interactions from their beginnings to the present day.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Recall certain basic facts of religious doctrine and historical development in a manner which allows you to define themes and basic concepts which cut across boundaries;
  2. Consider the facts you have memorized in supporting your remarks in frequent discussion within a comparative context;
  3. Discuss concepts and events with your peers;
  4. Respond to ‘loaded’ questions posed by me (your instructor);
  5. Articulate your ideas in essays based on and evaluated through the form invented by Montesquieu (hypotheses supported by specific evidence from history or thematically oriented);
  6. Develop competence in combining and developing an understanding of basic themes through a knowledge of historical development; and
  7. Evaluate the usefulness of these themes in understanding the nature of the complex relationship between religion and society.


2.00 credits

Method of Evaluation and Weights:

Discussions - 25%
Essay 1 - 10%
Essay 2 - 10%
Essay 3 - 20%
Take Home Final Exam - 35%

Texts and/or Resources Required:

There is no textbook required for this course.

*Please note: This is a preliminary website description only. The department reserves the right to change without notice any information in this description. The final, binding course outline will be distributed in the first class of the semester.