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Recent Theses and Dissertations

Ph.D. Dissertations
     * since 2012


Erin Schuurs
Stompin’ Grounds: Imagining Rural Canada and the Creation of Canadian Country Music
Catharine Wilson, advisor

Mark Sholdice
The Ontario Experiment: Hydroelectricity, Public Ownership, and Transnational Progressivism, 1906-1939
Alan Gordon, advisor

Jianda Yuan
Utilizing the Intruders: Re-Examining Chinese-Speaking Elite Experiences in Manchukuo, 1931-1937
Norman Smith, advisor

Shayna Devlin
Whatever the World Admires in a Prince: Robert Stewart Duke of Albany, Power, Politics, and Family in Late Medieval Scotland
Elizabeth Ewan (retired) and Susannah Ferreira, advisors


Theodore (Ted) Cogan
Sharing the Nation’s Heart Globally?  Foreign Aid and the Canadian Public, 1950-1980
Matthew Hayday, advisor

Marian Toledo Candelaria
From Reformed Barbarian to Saint-King: Literary Portrayals of King Malcolm III Canmore (r. 1058-93) in Scottish Historical Narratives, c. 1100-1449
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor


Jacqueline McIsaac
Writing with Light: Rural Ontario's Glass Plate Photography and Visions of Rural Land, 1851-1920
Alan Gordon, advisor

Caitlin Holton
Masculine Identity in Medieval Scotland: Gender, Ethnicity, and Regionality 
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor

Marc-André Gagnon
À Mon Drapeau: Je Jure D’Être Fidèle”: Le Mouvement des Sociétés Saint-Jean-Baptiste, 1947-1984 
Matthew Hayday, advisor

Alice Glaze
Women’s Networks of Family, Work, Support and Slander in Canongate, 1600-1660
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor

Anne Vermeyden
Hybridization and Uneven Exchange: The Transnational Popularization of Belly Dance in Toronto, Canada (1950-1990)
Femi Kolapo and Renée Worringer, co-advisors


Marjorie Hopkins
Humanism as Civic Project: The Example of the Collège de Guyenne
Peter Goddard, advisor

Jodey Nurse-Gupta
Food, Flowers, and Fancywork: Fashioning, Negotiating, and Expanding the Roles of Women in Ontario Agricultural Societies and Fairs, 1846-1980
Catharine Wilson, advisor

Nicholas Van Allen
On the Farm, in the Town, and in the City: Nineteenth-Century Networks and Spaces in Rural Middlesex County, Southwestern Ontario 
Catharine Wilson, advisor

Sierra Dye
'Devilische Wordis': Speech as Evidence in Scotland's Witch Trials, 1563-1736
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor


Elaine Young
Placing Battlefields: Ontario's War of 1812 Niagara Frontier, 1885-1930
Alan Gordon, advisor


Rochelle Pereira-Alvares
Mickeys, Minis and Pints: An Investigations of the Marketing and Advertising Initiatives of Seagram and Hiram Walker, 1950-1969 
Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Katie McCullough
Building the Highland Empire: The Highland Society of London and the Formation of Charitable Networks in Great Britain and Canada, 1778-1857
Graeme Morton, advisor (now at University of Dundee)


Patricia Bowley
A Century of Soybeans: Scientific Research and Mixed Farming in Agricultural Southern Ontario, 1881-1983
Stuart McCook, advisor

Suzette Blom
Implications of Jewish Divorces that Became Causes Célèbres: The Reform of Jewish Status and Juridical Centralization
William Cormack, advisor

Lisa Cox
Reasonable Tact and Diplomacy: Disease Management and Bovine Tuberculosis in North America, 1890-1950
Stuart McCook, advisor

Daniel MacLeod
Servants to St. Mungo: The Church in Sixteenth-Century Glasgow
Elizabeth Ewan (retired) and Peter Goddard, advisors

Sharon Weaver
Making Place on the Canadian Periphery: Back-to-the-Land on the Gulf Islands and Cape Breton
Douglas McCalla (retired) and Catharine Wilson, advisors

Jason Wilson
King Alpha's Song in a Strange Land: Jamaican Migrant and Canadian Host in Toronto's Transnational Reggae Music Scene, 1973-1990
Catharine Wilson, advisor


Amir Locker-Biletzki
The Holidays of the Revolution
Alan McDougall, advisor

Heather Parker
"In all Gudly Haste": The Formation of Marriage in Scotland, c. 1350-1600
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor


Masters - Major Research Papers and Theses 
     * advised by current faculty, since 2016


Nico Mara-McKay
Questions of Categorization: Surgical Interventions on Intersex Bodies in Late Medieval Europe (MRP)
Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Kathryn Hughes
"They Were Very Real": Indigenous Women's Responses and Resistance to Ongoing Colonial Violence in Canada (MRP) 
Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Kathryn Comper
The Life of Lady Anna Mackenzie: Noblewomen, Kinship Networks and Power in Seventeenth-Century Scotland (MRP)
Susannah Ferreira, advisor

Sandra Olaya Nino
My Story, Our history: Afro-Colombians Women and Memory in the Peace Process in Colombia 2012 - 2016 (MRP)
Karen Racine, advisor

Matthew Midolo
White Privilege and the Making of Canada’s Injustice System: Setting Precedent for Inequitable Treatment in the Courtroom, Victoria BC, 1860-1873 (Thesis)
Brittany Luby, advisor

Persephone Seale
Narrative Ambiguity, Bodily Uncertainty, and Community Involvement: Infanticide in Seventeenth Century Scotland (Thesis)
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor

Adrian Kawula
The Polish Military Elite and the Emergence of Modern Polish Nationalism (MRP)
William Cormack, advisor

Haley Scholz
Illuminating the ‘Querelle de la Rose’: A Comparative Study of the Representation of Women in the Illuminations of Christine de Pizan Cité des Dames and Jean de Meun’s Roman de la Rose (MRP)
Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Shannon van der Woerd
The Human Cost of State and Industrial Values in Norther Ontario: An Examination of Uranium Mining in the Serpent River Watershed, 1950s-1990s (MRP) 
Brittany Luby, advisor

Emma Dowling
"Nothing Short of Revolutionary": Female Lawyers in Canada 1970-1985 (MRP) 
Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Amy Doyle
“Building Men of Worth”: Gender, Propriety, and the Negotiation of Black Inclusion in O Clarim D’Alvorada (1924-1927) (Thesis)
Karen Racine, advisor

Brendan Egan
"Bore by discent and by title of right, justly to reigne in England and in Fraunce": Literature Directed at English Kings During the Hundred Years War (Thesis) 
Susannah Ferreira, advisor

Caroline Floyd
A Social Network and Text Analysis of Charles Darwin’s Correspondence, 1835-1842 (Thesis)
Tara Abraham, advisor

Richard Griffin
Chroniclers’ Criticisms in the Reign of King Richard I of England (1189-1199) (Thesis)
Susannah Ferreira, advisor

Grace Howard
Courtesans in Colonial India: Representations of British Power through Understandings of Nautch-Girls, Devadasis, Tawa’ifs, and Sex-Work, c. 1750-1883 (Thesis)
Jesse Palsetia, advisor

Graham Lloyd
Workers Against the State: Anarchism, Organized Labour, and the State in Mexico, 1865-1931 (MRP)
Karen Racine, advisor

David Macfarlane
King Alfred the Great and the Moral Constitution of the English People (Thesis)
Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Fergus Maxwell
Seizing the Horizon: Co-operative Tourism and the Production of Picturesque Space (Thesis)
Kevin James, advisor

Kirsten Schwegler
Inspiration for Inaction? Humour, Pain, and the Bystander Effect in English-language Cartoons on the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japan, 1931-1945 (Thesis) 
Norman Smith, advisor

Courtney Svab
At Home in an Unknown Land: Examining the Factors Affecting the Mental Health of Scottish Settlers in Lanark County, 1820-1839 (MRP)
Catharine Wilson, advisor

Vicki Hodgkinson
Divergent Rationalities and Contending Interests: Public Health in Wellington County Townships, 1882-1900 (Thesis)
Catharine Wilson, advisor


Tammy Humphries
The Trouble with Booze: The Ontario Temperance Act, Enforcement Intent, and Realities, 1916-1927 (MRP)
Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Amy McBride
The Voices Behind Change: Women's Liberation During the 1970s at the University of Guelph (Thesis)
Linda Mahood, advisor

Rebecca Pyrah
“The Horror! The Horror!” of King Leopold II’s Congo Free State: The Relationship Between Colonial Genocide and Nineteenth-Century Literary Writing About Africa (MRP)
Femi Kolapo, advisor

Ryan Paranyi
Methodism and the Christian Gentleman in Mid-Victorian Rural Ontario (Thesis)
Catharine Wilson, advisor

Natasha Wismark
Worldly Words and Sacred Ideas: The Shifting Meaning and Usage of “Secular,” 400-1600 (Thesis)
Peter Goddard, advisor

Brin Thomson 
Gender, Domestic Service and Great Households in Late Medieval and Early Modern England (Thesis)
Susannah Ferreira, advisor

Dan Holman
John Barbour’s The Bruce during the Reign of Robert II: An Exemplum for Freedom and Loyalty (MRP)
James E. Fraser, advisor

Amy Poole
“There are Few Things More Powerful than Destiny”: Gender, Power and Foresight in The Sagas of the Icelanders (Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries) (Thesis)
James E. Fraser, advisor

Heather Wilson
Which Others Dreaded to Visit”: Encountering the Remote in the Lives of St Cuthbert and St Columba (MRP) 
James E. Fraser, advisor

Kelly Doig
"A Right without Access is no Right at All": The Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, 1974-1988 (MRP)
Matthew Hayday, advisor

Devon Sherwood
Like Mother, Like Daughter: Sixteenth-Century Scottish Perspectives On Marie De Guise and Mary Stuart (Thesis)
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor

Joshua Doyle-Raso
Obstacle or Agency? The Rockefeller Foundation’s anti-hookworm campaign in Colombia, 1919-1934 (Thesis)
Stuart McCook, advisor

Abigael Krueger
Canada’s First National Internment Operation: The First World War and the “Enemy Alien” Experience in Brantford and Hamilton, Ontario (MRP)
Kris Inwood, advisor

Claire Bisset
Survival and Change on a Seventeenth-century Scottish estate: Evidence from the Wauchope Family Records, 1690-1703 (MRP)
Susannah Ferreira, advisor

Jeremy Istead
Sexual Harassment in Ontario Universities, 1980-1995 (MRP)
Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Cedric Courville
Language, Education, And Protest in Montreal, 1968-1969: An Analysis of Framing Methods in Montreal's Mainstream Press (MRP)
Matthew Hayday, advisor


Jody Hodgins
The Canadian Army Veterinary Corps' Fight Against Glanders on the Front in World War One (MRP)
Alan Gordon, advisor

Kyle Pritchard
Russell: Government, Labour, and Business Progressivism in a Canadian War Industry, 1899-1920 (Thesis)
Matthew Hayday, advisor

Evan Cater
Speak for England! Labour and the Downfall of Neville Chamberlain (MRP)
Alan McDougall, advisor

Jennifer McKay
Purge or Purgatory: How the Flight of Three Veteran Communists Affected East German Politics During the Ulbricht Era (Thesis)
Alan McDougall, advisor

Katrina Gale
Repurposing the Dead: The Place of Anatomy and Dissection in Nineteenth Century Canadian Medical Education (MRP)
Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Karley McLinden
The Casualties of Empowerment: The Negative Impact of Spiritualism in Victorian England and Its Historical Representation (MRP)
Sofie LaChapelle and Linda Mahood, advisors

Marissa Gareau
Fabric Consumption, Sewing, and the Rural Household Economy: Christina McLennan’s Diary, Glengarry County, Ontario, 1881-1888 (MRP)
Catharine Wilson, advisor

Nick VanExan
Dispute Resolution in Early Medieval Ireland: Insights from Bricriu’s Feast and The Tale of Macc Da Thó’s Pig (MRP)
James E. Fraser, advisor

Jessica Lees
Conjuring the Devil: Accusations of Witchcraft and the Reclamation of Masculinity in Early Modern Scotland (MRP)
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor


Matthew Robertshaw
Pawòl Gen Zèl: Language Legitimation in Haiti's Second Century (Thesis)
Karen Racine, advisor

Nick Bridges
“Curious Caverns”: Cave Tourism in Nineteenth-Century Ireland (Thesis)
Kevin James, advisor

Nancy Winklemann
Challenging Assumptions of Autonomy: The Agency and Social Capital of English Medieval Noblewomen During the Twelfth to Fifteenth Centuries (Thesis)
Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Valeria Mantilla Morales
Spoonful of Spanish: Religiosity, Cuisine, and the Formation of Creole Identities (Thesis)
Karen Racine, advisor

Sara Perkins
"Africanized Colonies": The Exploration of African Slave Culture in Colonial South Carolina, 1690-1800 (Thesis)
Femi Kolapo, advisor

Patrick Leahy
Driving Forward: The Power of the Horse in Douro Township 1850-1900 (Thesis)
Catharine Wilson, advisor

Paige Walker
“Faith much Beyond her Sexe": Lady Eleanor Livingstone and Catholic Survival in post-Reformation Scotland (MRP)
Elizabeth Ewan (retired), advisor