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Recent Theses and Dissertations

Ph.D. Dissertations

     * since 2009

Fall 2019

             Erin Schuurs
             Stompin’ Grounds: Imagining Rural Canada and the Creation of Canadian Country Music
             Advisor: Alan Gordon

Winter 2019

Mark Sholdice
The Ontario Experiment: Hydroelectricity, Public Ownership, and Transnational Progressivism, 1906-1939
Advisor: Alan Gordon

Jianda Yuan
Utilizing the Intruders: Re-Examining Chinese-Speaking Elite Experiences in Manchukuo, 1931-1937
Advisor: Norman Smith

Shayna Devlin
Whatever the World Admires in a Prince: Robert Stewart Duke of Albany, Power, Politics, and Family in Late Medieval Scotland
Advisors: Elizabeth Ewan, Susannah Ferreira

Fall 2018

Theodore (Ted) Cogan
Sharing the Nation’s Heart Globally?  Foreign Aid and the Canadian Public, 1950-1980
Advisor: Matthew Hayday

2018 Winter 

Marian Toledo Candelaria
From reformed barbarian to saint-king: literary portrayals of King Malcolm III Canmore (r. 1058-93) in Scottish historical narratives, c. 1100-1449
Advisor: Elizabeth Ewan


Jacqueline McIsaac
Writing with Light: Rural Ontario's Glass Plate Photography and Visions of Rural Land, 1851-1920 - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor

Caitlin Holton
Masculine Identity in Medieval Scotland: Gender, Ethnicity, and Regionality - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Marc-André Gagnon
À Mon Drapeau: Je Jure D’Être Fidèle”: Le Mouvement des Sociétés Saint-Jean-Baptiste, 1947-1984 - Dr. Matthew Hayday, advisor

Alice Glaze
Women’s Networks of Family, Work, Support and Slander in Canongate, 1600-1660 - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Anne Vermeyden
Hybridization and Uneven Exchange: The Transnational Popularization of Belly Dance in Toronto, Canada (1950-1990) - Drs. Femi Kolapo and Renée Worringer, co-advisors


Marjorie Hopkins
Humanism as Civic Project: The Example of the Collège de Guyenne - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

Jodey Nurse-Gupta
Food, Flowers, and Fancywork: Fashioning, Negotiating, and Expanding the Roles of Women in Ontario Agricultural Societies and Fairs, 1846-1980 - Dr. Catherine Wilson, advisor

Nicholas Van Allen
"On the Farm, in the Town, and in the City: Nineteenth-Century Networks and Spaces in Rural Middlesex County, Southwestern Ontario - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Sierra Dye
'Devilische Wordis': Speech as Evidence in Scotland's Witch Trials, 1563-1736 - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor


Elaine Young
Placing Battlefields: Ontario's War of 1812 Niagara Frontier, 1885-1930 - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor


Rochelle Pereira-Alvares
Mickeys, Minis and Pints: An Investigations of the Marketing and Advertising Initiatives of Seagram and Hiram Walker, 1950-1969 - Dr. Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Katie McCullough
Building the Highland Empire: The Highland Society of London and the Formation of Charitable Networks in Great Britain and Canada, 1778-1857 - Dr. Graeme Morton, advisor (now at University of Dundee)


Patricia Bowley
A Century of Soybeans: Scientific Research and Mixed Farming in Agricultural Southern Ontario, 1881-1983 - Dr. Stuart McCook, advisor

Suzette Blom
Implications of Jewish Divorces that Became Causes Célèbres: The Reform of Jewish Status and Juridical Centralization - Dr. William Cormack, advisor

Lisa Cox
Reasonable Tact and Diplomacy: Disease Management and Bovine Tuberculosis in North America, 1890-1950 - Dr. Stuart McCook, advisor

Daniel MacLeod
Servants to St. Mungo: The Church in Sixteenth-Century Glasgow – Drs. Elizabeth Ewan and Peter Goddard, advisors

Sharon Weaver
Making Place on the Canadian Periphery: Back-to-the-Land on the Gulf Islands and Cape Breton - Drs. Douglas McCalla (retired) and Catharine Wilson, advisors

Jason Wilson
King Alpha's Song in a Strange Land: Jamaican Migrant and Canadian Host in Toronto's Transnational Reggae Music Scene, 1973-1990 - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor


Amir Locker-Biletzki
The Holidays of the Revolution - Dr. Alan McDougall, advisor

Heather Parker
"In all Gudly Haste": The Formation of Marriage in Scotland, c. 1350-1600 - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor


Kim Anderson
Algonquian Women: Life Stage, Gender and Identity, 1930-1960 - Dr. Terry Crowley, advisor (retired)

Kris Gies
Amateur Soldiering in Industrial Britain: The Early Territorial Force in Glasgow, 1908-1914 - Dr. Graeme Morton, advisor (now at University of Dundee)

Andrew Hinson
Urban Scots: Toronto's Scottish Community and Identity in the Hebrides, 1793-1843 - Dr. Graeme Morton, advisor (now at University of Dundee)

Elizabeth M. J. Ritchie
The Faith of the Crofters: Christian Identity in the Hebrides, 1793-1843 - Dr. Graeme Morton, advisor (now at University of Dundee)

Katherine Scott
Modernity's in the Pudding: Towards an Understanding of Women's Material Contributions and Responses to Modern Domestic Ideals and Practices in the Ottawa Valley – Drs. Terry Crowley (retired) and Catharine Wilson, advisors


Joshua MacFadyen
Fashioning Flax: Industry, Region, and Work in North American Fibre and Linseed Oil, 1850-1930 - Dr. Douglas McCalla, advisor (retired)


M.A. Major Research Papers and Theses 

     * advised by current faculty, since 2009

Winter 2019

Shannon van der Woerd

The Human Cost of State and Industrial Values in Norther Ontario: An Examination of Uranium Mining in the Serpent River Watershed, 1950s-1990s. (MRP) January 10, 2019

Advisor: Brittany Luby

Emma Dowling

Nothing Short of Revolutionary”: Female Lawyers in Canada 1970-1985 (MRP) April 2019

Advisor: Catherine Carstairs


Amy Doyle

“Building Men of Worth”: Gender, Propriety, and the Negotiation of Black Inclusion in O Clarim D’Alvorada (1924-1927) (MA Thesis) May 6, 2019

Advisor: Karen Racine


Brendan Egan

‘Bore by discent and by title of right, justly to reigne in England and in Fraunce’: Literature Directed at English Kings During the Hundred Years War (MA Thesis) April 30, 2019

Advisor: Susannah Ferreira


Caroline Floyd

A Social Network and Text Analysis of Charles Darwin’s Correspondence, 1835-1842 (MA Thesis) April 26, 2019

Advisor: Tara Abraham


Richard Griffin

Chroniclers’ Criticisms in the reign of King Richard I of England (1189-1199) (MA Thesis) April 18, 2019

Advisor: Susannah Ferreira


Grace Howard

Courtesans in Colonial India: Representations of British Power through Understandings of Nautch-Girls, Devadasis, Tawa’ifs, and Sex-Work, c. 1750-1883 (MA Thesis) May 6, 2019

Advisor: Jesse Palsetia


Graham Lloyd

Workers Against the State: Anarchism, Organized Labour, and the State in Mexico, 1865-1931 (MRP) May 6, 2019

Advisor: Karen Racine


David Macfarlane

King Alfred the Great and the Moral Constitution of the English People (MA Thesis) April 16, 2019

Advisor: Jacqueline Murray


Fergus Maxwell

Seizing the Horizon: Co-operative Tourism and the Production of Picturesque Space (MA Thesis) May 6, 2019

Advisor: Kevin James


Kirsten Schwegler

Inspiration for Inaction? Humour, Pain, and the Bystander Effect in English-language Cartoons on the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japan, 1931-1945 (MA Thesis) April 2019

Advisor: Norman Smith


Courtney Svab

At Home in an Unknown Land: Examining the Factors Affecting the Mental Health of Scottish Settlers in Lanark County, 1820-1839 (MRP) April 2019

Advisor: Catharine Wilson

Fall 2018

Tammy Humphries

The Trouble with Booze: The Ontario Temperance Act, Enforcement Intent, and Realities, 1916-1927 (MRP) September 7th, 2018

Advisor: Catherine Carstairs


Amy McBride

The Voices Behind Change: Women's Liberation During the 1970s at the University of Guelph (MA Thesis) September 7th, 2018

Advisor: Linda Mahood


2018 Summer

Rebecca Pyrah

“The Horror! The Horror!” of King Leopold II’s Congo Free State: The Relationship Between Colonial Genocide and Nineteenth-Century Literary Writing About Africa (MRP) 28 Aug. 2018

Advisor: Femi Kolapo

2018 Winter/Spring 

Ryan Paranyi
"Methodism and the Christian Gentleman in Mid-Victorian Rural Ontario". (MA Thesis). May 8th, 2018
Advisor: Catherine Wilson

Natasha Wismark
'Worldly Words and Sacred Ideas: The Shifting Meaning and Usage of “Secular,” 400-1600'. (MA Thesis) May 4, 2018
Advisor: Peter Goddard 

Brin Thomson 

“Gender, Domestic Service and Great Households in Late Medieval and Early Modern England.” (MA Thesis) Apr. 30, 2018

Advisor: Susannah Ferreira

Dan Holman
"John Barbour’s The Bruce during the Reign of Robert II: An Exemplum for Freedom and Loyalty". (MRP) April 26th, 2018
Advisor: James E. Fraser

Amy Poole
“There are Few Things More Powerful than Destiny”: Gender, Power and Foresight in The Sagas of the Icelanders (Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries). MA Thesis Defence. April 25th, 2018
Advisor: James E. Fraser

Heather Wilson
“Which Others Dreaded to Visit”: Encountering the Remote in the Lives of St Cuthbert and St Columba” (MRP) Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 
Advisor: James E. Fraser

Kelly Doig
"A Right without Access is no Right at All”: The Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, 1974-1988." (MRP)  April 25th, 2018
Advisor: Matthew Hayday

Devon Sherwood
“Like Mother, Like Daughter: Sixteenth-Century Scottish Perspectives On Marie De Guise and Mary Stuart” (MA Thesis) April 18, 2018. 
Advisor: Elizabeth Ewan

Joshua Doyle-Raso
"Obstacle or Agency? The Rockefeller Foundation’s anti-hookworm campaign in Colombia, 1919-1934" (MA Thesis) April 17th, 2018 
Advisor: Stuart McCook

Abigael Krueger
"Canada’s First National Internment Operation: The First World War and the “Enemy Alien” Experience in Brantford and Hamilton, Ontario." (MRP) April 16th, 2018 
Advisor: Kris Inwood

Claire Bisset

“Survival and Change on a Seventeenth-century Scottish estate: Evidence from the Wauchope Family Records, 1690-1703.” (MRP) April 11/18.

Advisor: Susannah Ferreira

Jeremy Istead
"Sexual Harassment in Ontario Universities, 1980-1995" (MRP)  February 2nd, 2018
Advisor: Catherine Carstairs

Cedric Courville
Language, Education, And Protest in Montreal, 1968-1969: An Analysis of Framing Methods in Montreal's Mainstream Press (MRP)
Advisor: Matthew Hayday


Jody Hodgins
The Canadian Army Veterinary Corps' Fight Against Glanders on the Front in World War One (MRP) - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor

Kyle Pritchard
Russell: Government, Labour, and Business Progressivism in a Canadian War Industry, 1899-1920 (Thesis) - Dr. Matthew Hayday, advisor

Evan Cater
Speak for England! Labour and the Downfall of Neville Chamberlain (MRP) - Dr. Alan McDougall, advisor

Jennifer McKay
Purge or Purgatory: How the Flight of Three Veteran Communists Affected East German Politics During the Ulbricht Era (Thesis) - Dr. Alan McDougall, advisor

Katrina Gale
Repurposing the Dead: The Place of Anatomy and Dissection in Nineteenth Century Canadian Medical Education (MRP) - Dr. Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Karley McLinden
The Casualties of Empowerment: The Negative Impact of Spiritualism in Victorian England and Its Historical Representation (MRP) - Drs. Sofie LaChapelle and Linda Mahood, advisors

Marissa Gareau
Fabric Consumption, Sewing, and the Rural Household Economy: Christina McLennan’s Diary, Glengarry County, Ontario, 1881-1888 (MRP) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Nick VanExan
Dispute Resolution in Early Medieval Ireland: Insights from Bricriu’s Feast and The Tale of Macc Da Thó’s Pig (MRP) - Dr. James E. Fraser, advisor

Jessica Lees
Conjuring the Devil: Accusations of Witchcraft and the Reclamation of Masculinity in Early Modern Scotland (MRP) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor


Matthew Robertshaw
Pawòl Gen Zèl: Language Legitimation in Haiti's Second Century (Thesis) - Dr. Karen Racine, advisor

Nick Bridges
“Curious Caverns”: Cave Tourism in Nineteenth-Century Ireland (Thesis) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Nancy Winklemann
Challenging Assumptions of Autonomy: The Agency and Social Capital of English Medieval Noblewomen During the Twelfth to Fifteenth Centuries (Thesis) - Dr. Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Valeria Mantilla Morales
Spoonful of Spanish: Religiosity, Cuisine, and the Formation of Creole Identities (Thesis) - Dr. Karen Racine, advisor

Sara Perkins
"Africanized Colonies": The Exploration of African Slave Culture in Colonial South Carolina, 1690-1800 (Thesis) - Dr. Femi Kolapo, advisor

Patrick Leahy
Driving Forward: The Power of the Horse in Douro Township 1850-1900 (Thesis) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Paige Walker
“Faith much Beyond her Sexe": Lady Eleanor Livingstone and Catholic Survival in post-Reformation Scotland (MRP) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Courtney Farquharson
Conform and Control: The influence of Carlo Borromeo on the Seventeenth-Century French Episcopate (MRP) - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

Scott McVittie
Nike and the Pigmentation Paradox: African American Representation in Popular Culture from ‘Sambo’ to ‘Air Jordan’ (Thesis) - Dr. Susan Nance, advisor


Joana Galante
The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance in the Aftermath of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Karen Racine, advisor

Derek Visser
The Times They are a Changing: Protestant Responses to the French Revolution: 1787-1795 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. William Cormack, advisor

Emily Rooks
Resiliency, Adaptability, and Agency: Exiled English Nuns in France and the Spanish Netherlands, 1597-1700 (Thesis) - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

Jie Lu
Politics Within Manchukuo Museums and Current Studies (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Norman Smith, advisor

Robbie Harris
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Philanthropy in Late Medieval London, ca. 1350-1485 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Susannah Fereirra, advisor

Robert Dimmers
"Exiles, Politicians and Pibes: Spectacle and the Contestation of Argentina's Mundial of 1978" (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Karen Racine, advisor

Jack Mallon
"To Love and Be Loved: The Medieval Monastic Community as a Family Unit" (Thesis) - Dr. Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Evan Tigchelaar
"[T]he Gospel According to St. Andrews": Golf and Tourism at the Seaside in Late Victorian Co. Donegal, Ireland (Thesis) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Andrew Webb
The Fountain of Faithful Reform: Contextualizing Educational Priorities in Reformation Scotland (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Sean Grant
Scotland and the Early Modern Naval Revolution, 1488-1603 (Thesis) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor


Gillian Forth
The Evolution of Toronto Pride (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Sara Wilmshurst
'[T]he Dust-Up Which Dr. Bates Appears Intent on Creating': Changes in the Health League of Canada’s Support, Funding, and Status, 1944-1975 (Thesis) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Sam Sharp
The Importance of Family: A Micro-History Study of James Cameron and the Interplay of Family, Agriculture and Masculinity in Glengarry County, 1855-1881 (Thesis) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Emily Compton
Property, Propriety, and Patriarchy: Abduction, Assault and Housebreaking in the Court of Common Pleas, 1399-1500 (Thesis) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Jenny Duong
"Désirant tout, envahissant tout, ne connaissant le prix de rien”: Materiality in the Queenship of Isabeau of Bavaria (Thesis) - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

Paul Laforet
Northern Exposure: Medicare, Physician Distribution and Ontario’s Underserviced Area Program, 1969-1978 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Matthew Hayday, advisor

Emily Pauw
Reports of Criminality: The Aberdeen Journal and the Presentation of Crime, 1845-1850 (Thesis) - Dr. Linda Mahood, advisor

Matthew Piper
"Working Towards the Fur": The Allure of the Nazi Animal and Nature Protection Laws in Nazi Germany and War-Torn Europe (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Alan McDougall, advisor

Katie Anderson
“Hitched Horse, Milked Cow, Killed Pig”: Pragmatic Stewardship and the Paradox of Human/Animal Relationships in Southern Ontario, 1900-1920 (Thesis) - Dr. Susan Nance, advisor


Bethany Philpott
The First Wealth is Health: The Health League of Canada, 1935-1980 (Thesis) - Dr. Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Kate Zubczyk
'In Tymes Bygane': Navigating Between Norse Tradition and Scottish Authority in Sixteenth-Century Shetland (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Robyn Graham
Exhibition and Ideology: The Perpetuation of the Rural Ideal at the Wellington County Museum and Archives (Thesis) - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor

Alexander Clay
"Travelling to Write Ireland and the Irish: Leitch Ritchie’s Reportorial and Picturesque Gaze (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Wade Cormack
Little Red and Black Books: Black's and Murray's Guidebooks to Scotland, 1850 to 1914 (Thesis) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Brad Crawford
'Learning from Our History to Build a Bright Future': Rwanda's Use of Pre-Colonial Practices for Post-Genocide Reconstruction (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Femi Kolapo, advisor

Rachel Gilmore
"'Talk to me, so you can see, what's going on': The Cultural Politics of Marvin Gaye's Album 'What's Going On'" (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Karen Racine, advisor

Jocelyn Greenwood
"There is absolutely no room for optimism:” The Dehumanization, Destruction and Degradation of Japanese in North American World War II Editorial Cartoons (Thesis) - Dr. Norman Smith, advisor

Matthew Elder
Growing the 'Pernicious' Plant: Tobacco Production in Essex County, Ontario, 1900-1918 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor


Katherine Heyland
Science for the Public: Popular Science in Wilhelmine Germany, 1870-1900 (Thesis) - Dr. Tara Abraham, advisor

Elizabeth Gagnon
"Looking Good, Looking Canadian": Nature, Region and Sport in Miss Chatelaine in the 1970s (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Kevin Woodger
"Be Kind to Animals - You're One Yourself": Gender, Class and Race and the Toronto Humane Society, 1887-1939 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Sara Smith
New Frontiers of Science and Empire: A Comparative Study of Scientific Voyagers of the NIneteenth Century Within their Institutional Contexts (Major Research Paper) - Dr. William Cormack, advisor

Marjorie Hopkins
'I Am Who I Was Taught To Be': Education and Four Renaissance Humanists (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

Megan Clare Webber
'Ground Honest in the Reform Mill': The Theory and Experience of Reformation in the Philanthropic Society and Refuge for the Destitute, c. 1788-1830 (Thesis) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Mopelolade Ogunbowale
In the Ghetto, 'Life No Easy for We': The Construction and Negotiation of Identity in Ajegunle Raga (Thesis) - Dr. Femi Kolapo, advisor

Dele Jemirade
Reverse Mission and the Establishment of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Canada (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Femi Kolapo, advisor

Cameron Klapwyk
Compromise, Consent, Control or Cooperation? An Investigation of British-Kikuyu Relations During the Life of the Independent School Movement, 1929 – 1953 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Stuart McCook, advisor

Jon Coulis
Rooted in Coffee: Deregulation, Economic Crisis and Restructuring Power in the Brazilian Coffee Sector (Thesis) - Dr. Stuart McCook, advisor

Jennifer Alonso
Charms, Amulets, and Prayers: Medieval Rituals of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Post Partum Care (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Stewart Warden
Rough Seas and Changing Fortunes: Pirates, Colonists, and the British Government’s Anti-Piracy Campaign 1700-1720 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Karen Racine, advisor

Melissa Segeren
"But in those days we did everything": The Labour of Indentured and Family-Born Adolescent Males on Twentieth-Century Ontario Farms (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Deborah Livingston-Lowe
Counting on Customers: John Campbell, 1806-1891, Middlesex County Handloom Weaver (Thesis) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor


Sarah Shropshire
'Fallen 'Neath the Spell of Suntan': The Emergence and Evolution of Women's Suntan Culture in English Canada, 1880-1939 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Michael Pogue
Affordable, Branded, Convenient, Decadent and Efficient: Loblaws and Revitalization of the Canadian Supermarket Industry, 1970-1990 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catherine Carstairs, advisor

Janine Van Vliet
The Maxwells in the West March: Local Authority and International Influence in the Sixteenth-Century Scottish Borders (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Alexandra Logue
Sharper than Swords, Sturdier than Stones: Space, Language and Gender in Fifteenth-Century London (Thesis) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Caitlin Holton
'With a Vertu and Leawté': Masculine Relationships in Medieval Scotland (Thesis) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Krystle Borsa
’Guid Rehaviour of Toung and Hand’: Women and Assault in Kirkcudbright, 1606-1658 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Monica Finlay
’Of all the places of holiday resort within the British Isles, commend me to Strathpeffer’: A Case Study of Spa Development and Destination Promotion in Victorian Scotland (Thesis) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Anne Vermeyden
Missionaries in Africa as Both Supporters and Opponents of Colonialism and the Africanization of Christianity: The Story of Mabel Easton Buyse (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Femi Kolapo, advisor

Patrick Wight
From Mobutu to Mobutuism: On the Origins of the Parasitic State Culture in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Major Research Paper, History + International Development) - Dr. Femi Kolapo, advisor

Megan Pickard
'Forsook the Evil of Her Ways, Loved Much, and Was Forgiven': The Interlacings of Mary Magdalene, Prostitution and Philanthropy in British Culture, 1840-1903 (Thesis) - Dr. Linda Mahood, advisor

Mark Dorsey
The Voice of the People: The Loyal Reformers’ Gazette and the passing of the Scottish Reform Act 1832 (Thesis) - Dr. Graeme Morton, advisor (now at Univesity of Dundee)


Nicole Drisdelle
Protestant Polemic in Post-Edict France: Pierre du Moulin and the Seventeenth-Century Huguenot World, 1598-1625 (Thesis) - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

Jan Jones
God, Tobacco, and the Militia: The Rites of Proprietorship in Grenada, 1649-1659 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

David Bussell
Policy, Advocacy and the Press: Economic Nationalism in Southern Ontario 1968-1974 (Thesis) - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor

Christopher Los
National Funding, Local Priorities, Urban Planning and the Municipal Centennial Projects of Guelph, Niagara Falls, Sault Ste. Marie (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Matthew Hayday, advisor

Christopher Quinn
The Irish Villages at the1893 World's Columbian Exposition: Constructing, Consuming and Contesting Ireland in Chicago (Thesis) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Jonathan Scott
Germanophilic Influences on Interactions between the Metropolitan Police Service and the Berlin Schutzmannschaft, 1870-1914 (Major Research Paper) - Drs. Linda Mahood and Alan McDougall

Ryan Stackhouse
A New Code of Law: Selective Policing and 'Radio Criminals' in the Rhineland, 1939-1944 (Thesis) - Dr. Alan McDougall, advisor

Ned Struthers
Contested Legitimacy: The Free French Invasion of St. Pierre and Miquelon (Thesis) - Dr. Alan McDougall, advisor

Margaret McCallum
Personal Nationalism: Scottish Identity and the Songs of Carolina Oliphant, 1766-1845 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Graeme Morton, advisor (now at University of Dundee)

Jodey Nurse
Reaching Rural Ontario: The County of Peel Agriculture Society and the Peel County Fall Fair, 1853-1883 (Thesis) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Cathleen Finlay
‘My Heart is more with the Land, than with ‘Military Affairs’: How Ontario Agricultural College and Manitoba Agricultural College Students Negotiated their Masculinity in the First World War (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Catharine Wilson, advisor

Justin Dell
Great Expectations: Millenarianism and the American Missionary Enterprise in the Ottoman Empire in the Early Twentieth Century (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Renee Worringer, advisor


Stephen Cunneen
Always the Kings Men: Crown and Noble Relations in the Reign of Alexander III, 1249-86 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Amber Welton
Destruction in Civil War Scotland, 1638-1651 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Elizabeth Ewan, advisor

Guillaume Larocque Beaudin
Dancing to an Italian Step: The Life and Works of Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda and the Difficulties of Cultural Transfer in the Sixteenth Century (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Peter Goddard, advisor

Jeffrey Lima
A House Divided: The Canadian Pro-Life Movement, 1968-2006 (Thesis) - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor

Michelle Hebert
Changing Representations of Ontario in Tourism Promotion from 1950 to 1970 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor

Mark Sholdice
'Patronage, Like Hamlet's Ghost, Will Not Drown!': The United Farmers of Ontario - Independent Labor Party Provincial Government and Political Patronage, 1919-1923 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Alan Gordon, advisor

Matt Hickling
Read All About It: Canadian Newspapers Debate Canada's Far East Policy 1931-1933 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Matthew Hayday, advisor

Erica German
’The Castle is Tolerably Well Seen from the Top of the Coach’: Tracing the Royal Imprimatur from Balmoral and its Impact on the Touristic Development and Cultural Geography of ‘Royal Deeside,’ 1848-1922 (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Kevin James, advisor

Christopher Laursen
Becoming Lucía: Personality Transformation, Xenoglossy, and Spiritualism in 1930s Budapest (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Sofie Lachapelle, advisor

Erin Grant
’The 'Skirl Girls' and the 'Jolly Boys': Femininity and Masculinity in Pipe Band Culture, 1930 to 2009 (Major Research Paper) - Drs. Linda Mahood and Graeme Morton, advisors

Jennifer Languay
The Enduring Patriot: William Wallace in Eighteenth-Century Popular Literature (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Graeme Morton, advisor (now at University of Dundee)

Sarah Heppler
Promiscuous Priests and Misbehaving Monks: Chastity and Celibacy in the Ecclesiastic History of Oderic Vitalis (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Jacqueline Murray, advisor

Ben Robinson
The Evolution of Ballpark Society: Baseball Spectatorship in New York City, 1876-1890 (Thesis) - Dr. Susan Nance, advisor

Lindsey Lorimer
Executing Authority: A Demonstration of Colonial Power in the Trial of Maharaja Nandakumar (Major Research Paper) - Dr. Jesse Palsetia, advisor

Jafar Hassan
Islamic City: The Emergence and Development during the Early Islamic Period 622 - 750 A.D. (Thesis) - Dr. Renee Worringer, advisor