Affiliated Faculty | College of Arts

Affiliated Faculty

Core Guelph Faculty

Frederique Arroyas 
Associate Professor, SOLAL (French)
IICSI Guelph Site Coordinator

Daniel Fischlin
Professor, SETS (English)
Graduate Program Coordinator 

James Harley
Associate Professor, SOFAM (Music)

Ajay Heble
Professor, SETS (English)
Director, IICSI

Affiliated Guelph Faculty

Madhur Anand
Professor, School of Environmental Sciences

William Bettger
Associate Professor, CBS (Human Health and Nutritional Sciences)

Diane Borsato
Associate Professor, SOFAM (Studio Art)

Elaine Chang
Associate Professor, SETS

Rumina Dhalla
Associate Professor, CBE (Management)

Mervyn Horgan
Associate Professor, SOAN

Karen Houle
Professor, Philosophy

Elizabeth Jackson
Acting Director, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute

Leah Levac
Assistant Professor, CSAHS (Political Science)

Mark Lipton
Associate Professor, SETS (Literary Studies / Theatre Studies)

Marta McCarthy
Associate Professor, SOFAM (Music)

Judi McCuaig
Associate Professor, School of Computer Sciences

Kimberley McLeod
Assistant Professor, SETS (Theatre)

Carla Rice
Professor, CSAHS (Family Relations and Applied Nutrition)

Howard Spring
Associate Professor, SOFAM (Music)

Alyssa Woods
Assistant Professor, SOFAM (Music)

IICSI Site Universities and Coordinators

McGill University
Eric Lewis
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Andrew Staniland
Professor, Music

University of British Columbia
Kevin McNeilly
Associate Professor, English

University of California, Santa Barbara, Centre for Black Studies
George Lipsitz 
Professor, Black Studies

University of Regina
Rebecca Caines
Associate Professor, Media, Art, & Performance