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College Featured Researcher News

Decades of Deans

Decades of Deans discuss what makes life valuable

David Murray Video

Shanghai Semester Abroad

students on shanghia semester
Guelph Students at East China Normal University, Shanghai. For the 5th consecutive year, a group of Guelph undergraduate students are spending a full semester at ECNU in Shanghai, the world’s most exciting city! The school is one of Shanghai’s oldest and most respected universities, as well as being among the country’s most picturesque campuses.


In the Gallery with Margot Irvine

margot irvineWomen's Voices from the Archives

Wednesday November 26, 2014

12:15pm, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
358 Gordon St, Guelph, ON
Join us for a public talk:

Theatre Prof Directs Toronto Production

prof picture
Prof. Judith Thompson, English and Theatre Studies, is directing a play currently running at Buddies in Bad Times theatre in Toronto.

5 UoG Grads Shortlisted

rbc graphicOf the 15 artists shortlisted on June 14, 2014 for the $25,000 RBC Canadian Painting Competition, five are graduates of the University of Guelph's Studio Art program. They are

Ashleigh Bartlett (MFA, 2011)
Jennifer Carvalho (MFA, 2013)
Tiziana La Melia (MFA, 2011)
Wallis Cheung (BA, 2008)
James Gardner (BA, 2008)

Stuart McCook on Canada AM

stuart McCook

"Coffee-Leaf Rust"is cuasing huge problems for coffee producers in Latin America.Stuart McCook, University of Guelph, Explains what it is.

Shenkman Lecture - Roberta Smith

Shenkman Lecture - Roberta Smith Video

Roberta Smith will talk about how she became an art critic; her responsibilities as she sees them as well as the workaday nature of newspaper criticism, how her job and view of her job has changed over time and how both have been affected by academia, by social media and the globalized big-spending art world/market.