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Current Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Amy is a PhD candidate in Scottish History. "My research is focused on Viking stories and Pictish monuments. Using an interdisciplinary approach, including studies in material culture, cultural theory, and literature, I explore early modern interpretations of Scotland's ancient past."  Amy Beingessner, PhD Candidate in Scottish History

Pictured: Amy Beingessner © Amy Beingessner, 2021

Dylan is a distinguished MA student in Scottish History, who began in fall 2021. A 2021 graduate in Honours History and winner of the W.S. Reid Undergraduate Thesis Prize, Dylan brings a unique perspective to the broad influence of Scottish culture. “My research will focus on the history of the Saint Andrews Society of Hong Kong and its role in shaping the broader identity of the global Scot and the unique reproduction of Scottish identity in a distant colony. As part of the Hong Kong diaspora in Canada, I am fascinated by how immigrant diasporic identity is formed. The resources and reputation of the Centre of Scottish Studies made it a natural choice to pursue this area of study.”  Dylan Parry-Lai, MA student in Scottish History

Pictured: Dylan Parry-Lai © Dylan Parry-Lai, 2021

Wilda is a new MA student in Scottish History, who began in fall 2021, working with Dr. Kevin James. Wilda is the co-nominee of the 2021 Edward Stewart Scholarship in Scottish Studies, recognizing an outstanding academic record as an incoming graduate student. “My research as an MA student will focus on leisure activities in non-combat areas during wartime, specifically: Wartime Golf in Scotland: 1914 to 1918”.  Wilda Thumm, MA student in Scottish History

Pictured: Wilda Thumm © Wilda Thumm, 2021