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Scottish-Canadian Academic Partnership (S-CAP)

The Scottish-Canadian Academic Partnership (S-CAP) is a partnership between the Centre for Scottish Studies (CSS) at the University of Guelph and the Scottish Affairs Office (SAO) Canada.

S-CAP aims to (1) promote communication between scholars in Canada and Scotland with mutual research interests; (2) highlight their research to the wider community; and (3) bring them into closer contact to nurture new research agendas, across a broad range of disciplines and domains.

Scholars in Canada and Scotland who are engaged in shared research projects; and engaged in research focussed in part or in whole on the other country are invited to join the S-CAP mailing list to receive information of relevance from CSS and SAO. Partners will also have the opportunity to engage in workshops organised around research topics and questions of mutual interest.

To become involved and join S-CAP, please contact CSS:

We look forward to building a vibrant scholarly network to promote mutual interests and nurture new research agendas and collaborations.

News and Events

Launch of the Scottish-Canadian Academic Partnership (March 2024)