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Media & Cinema Studies

Add the Media & Cinema Studies (MSCT) minor to one of the 24 majors in the BA or to a major in another degree program.


Media & Cinema Studies at Guelph considers the various approaches to media, communication, and culture. By examining conventions used across media forms and texts, students learn how different platforms, tools, and techniques impact audiences to produce particular meanings. Students in the minor pay attention to media environments as systems of social power. We look to cinema and related sound and performance studies to access media representations and the technological codes used across genres, from mainstream Hollywood cinema to indempendent local media creations. Our students value popular music, social media trends (like Insta'), and visual cultures that define creative industries across sectors, including mainsteam and underground media productions. 

We study how people apply media in their daily lives and how media use relates to intersectional identities, where notions of difference define our global village. The value of narrative is emphasised through digital storytelling and students question the practices & policies relating to creative industries, mis/information, and social impacts of media change. The minor in Media and Cinema Studies guides students to an understanding of the pertinent questions at stake in today’s technological and information-focused environments.

In the third and fourth year of study, students in the minor can access a number of Experiential Learning opportunities, often taylored to individual interests and initiatives. One thing is for certain: we live in changing media worlds and knowledge about media literacies can help students access and navigate today's information environments in meaningful and actionable ways. Seize the opportunity to study abroad through the field-school and semester-abroad programs in Cuba, Krakow, London, Nice, Paris, or Shanghai. You may also participate in exchange programs between the University of Guelph and universities in countries throughout the world.  

The BA Program offers a wide range of experiential learning opportunities which provide students with the opportunity for the practical application of knowledge in ways that are relevant to entering the world of work.

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