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Sexualities, Genders and Bodies Courses


SXGN*6000 Somatic Entanglements: Issues and Methods

This course applies mixed- and emergent methods for the study of sexualities, genders and bodies. This course focuses on how to construct research questions and projects, exploring the differences between methods, methodologies and epistemologies from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Material will focus on contemporary issues that will introduce, problematize, or advance disciplinary practices within a variety of established and emerging research fields.

SXGN*6100 Challenging Bodies: Theorizing Sexualities and Genders

Drawing on a case studies approach, this course asks students to identify, critique and assess the appropriateness of selected theoretical and epistemological perspectives and practices from the fields of sexualities, genders and bodies. Case studies will consider health; sexual pleasure; reproductive rights; biopolitics; environmentalism; technoscience; media and futurities; political and social justice movements; and archival collections and absences, among others