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Music Therapy and Community Outreach

The Bachelor of Arts (Music) at the University of Guelph is an ideal degree choice for someone wishing to pursue a future in the fast-growing and rewarding field of music therapy. The Guelph BA offers the quality of a rigorous Music degree, including the performance elements necessary to apply for Music Therapy programs while also posessing the flexibility needed to take the electives Music Therapy programs are looking for, particularly those in psychology. Upper-level customizable courses allow our students to gain clinical experience before they finish their bachelor degrees. Our graduates have proven competitive candidates for the top music therapy programs in North America.

Daniel Krueger

daniel KrugerMusic Therapy Candidate and Founder of Manatee, Class of 2013

Today's professional musician needs to be flexible and open to a variety of musical endeavours and challenges. The University of Guelph's Music Program helped me develop and refine a broad range of artistic skills that enable me to work as a music educator, performer, producer, engineer, band-leader, composer, and therapist. Perhaps most importantly, the faculty and instructors at Guelph helped me cultivate an ideological approach that continues to guide my musical life and decisions. By offering courses in music history, philosophy, performance, and production, Guelph ensures its students have every opportunity to be passionate, well-rounded, and innovative musicians.