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It is strongly recommended that students spend a term studying abroad. Graduate courses taken through exchange agreements or at accredited Latin American and Caribbean universities will count towards the University of Guelph degree. According to the University of Guelph regulations, exchange students usually take regularly scheduled courses at the host university and are subject to the policies and regulations of that institution. Grades are forwarded to the home institution at the end of the study period with students receiving a pass, fail or outstanding notation on their transcripts. LACS graduate students have the opportunity to take their electives and courses of interest in the second term at the following universities with which the University of Guelph has exchange agreement: 


Program Info

Host Institution

Language of Instruction

Guadalajara Bilateral Exchange

Guadalajara, Mexico         

University of Guadalajara



UNAM Bilateral Exchange

Mexico City, Mexico

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México



Universidad de San Andrés Bilateral Exchange

Victoria, Pcia. de Bs As, Argentina

Universidad de San Andres



West Indies Bilateral Exchange

Cave Hill, Barbados; Mona, Jamaica

University of the West Indies (Three Campuses)



Universidade Federal de Vicosa

Vicosa, Brazil

Universidade Federal de Vicosa



All of these universities have graduate programs. Studies at other accredited Latin American and Caribbean universities are possible under letter of permission from the University of Guelph.  See more information at University of Guelph: Please note that studying abroad is recommended, but not required.